Spoon University is the test kitchen for experienced foodies and novices alike. You might not know that there are many different areas and roles that go into creating this drool-inducing and sometimes thought-provoking wonderland.

Each chapter has its leaders, social media managers, photographers, writers and videographers. That’s where I come in at Florida State University’s chapter. “Food and video editing” is what I used to proudly tell people when they ask what my hobbies are. Now I can tell them, “I make recipe videos,” and their reactions are priceless.

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These 30-to-60-second videos are all the craze and people are addicted to watching them. The only thing better than watching these videos is making them, which is why I am putting out a call to action to apply to be a Spoon University Video Contributor.

There are many reasons for applying, so let me start simple: do you love food and/or videography? If so, then you should definitely apply.

Now if you’re not convinced that the video contributor program application is the best choice since your college applications, let me follow up with the multiple benefits of the program.


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When you first get started, you will learn precisely how to create an amazing video. Secret Sauce will provide you with how to set up your lighting and shots, how to edit the videos properly and add music, and how to get your videos published.

The skills I learned from Secret Sauce are easy to execute and have improved both my filming and editing skills. My first video took almost 4 hours for me to (kind of) nervously shoot and edit, as I skipped back to Secret Sauce 20 times (it was a simple recipe, too!). I can shoot and edit a more complex video so much more quickly now (thank goodness), rarely having to take multiple shots because of an error during filming.

After uploading your first cut to Wipster, you receive feedback on the video itself. This made me learn from my mistakes and learn new ways of cutting videos.

You will also learn some discipline, time management and the importance of communication. As a contributor, you must meet your given deadlines on your syllabus each week, just like you have to get assignments turned into your professors on time. At HQ, David helps each contributor edit their videos, gives feedback on the accompanying articles and is always available to answer any questions. Just like communicating with your future boss, you learn to check e-mails pretty often.


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If your major has anything to do with videography or cinematography, then becoming a video contributor is an awesome way to add to your reel or your resumé. The consistent rate at which you are making videos makes you more adept to working the camera and the accuracy and precision of your editing.

Because each video requires a featured image, I have gained photography skills and like to also label myself a food photographer (or pornographer, because some of these dishes are worthy of that). As a digital media production major, I now have experience in more than just video and social media, helping me increase my value in the media world. Plus, everyone should be practicing their cooking skills regularly!

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Each sign-up sheet for the videos has a huge variety of recipes to choose from. Whether they are outrageous, healthy, or knock-offs of famous dishes, you will discover awesome flavors and foods that you will want to recreate beyond filming.

On the other hand, you can also make dishes you are obsessed with, and really show your audience how it’s done. You will always find something to sign-up for, you just need to be quick when the sign-up sheet is released.


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I fell in love with the contributor program. I had subscribed to Spoon e-mails and read articles daily, learning about nutrition and whatnot. When Florida State announced a chapter start-up, I applied immediately to the chapter, and then to the contributor program.

I love nutrition and cooking, and this coincided with my digital media production major perfectly. The recipes are either simplified classics or outrageous combinations, so even if I don’t sign up for a particular recipe, I am on the look out for the video when it gets published.

My friends think it’s ridiculous that I am cooking chicken at 9 am just for good lighting in our apartment, or that I need an emergency manicure so my nails look good in the video. You do what you gotta do for the food.

I love when my co-workers and friends come up to me and say they made one of the recipes from my videos, or beg me to make one for them. It’s a great feeling when Sam e-mails me, letting me know I have another video published. I hit up my social media platforms to share my deliciously earned hard work, and sometimes revisit my own articles just to bask in my own glory. You can do the same, because you deserve it.

Interested? Of course you are. Send an e-mail to video@spoonuniversity.com!