To know WashU dining halls is to love WashU dining halls. But while we all enjoy stir fry from Bear's Den and sweet potato fries from the DUC, everyone reaches a point where campus food just isn't cutting it, and we need a little off campus nourishment. That's when Bear Bucks come into play. Bear Bucks can be used not only at WashU dining halls, but also at a number of off-campus restaurants and stores. 

It's a win-win situation, too. By accepting Bear Bucks, these off campus restaurants have the opportunity to reach a larger customer base through college students. But, neither us students nor off campus restaurants will benefit if we (the students) do not know where we can use our Bear Bucks. It's time to change that. Here are some of the best food places located off-campus where you can spend your Bear Bucks.

Coffee and Drinks

Even if you're just looking for a refreshing drink or a warm cup of coffee, Bear Bucks have you covered. At Blueprint Coffee on the Delmar Loop, you can use Bear Bucks to get one of their many specialty drinks, like the espressoda (not only do you get an Italian soda mixed with espresso, but you also get to say a fun word). Meshuggah is another nearby coffee shop that has popular food, coffee, study vibes, and—you guessed it—a register that takes Bear Bucks. Near the east end of campus is Kayak's Coffee, a.k.a. Kaldi's Coffee. You may recognize the name from Whisper's Cafe, as WashU proudly serves Kaldi's Coffee, but Kayak's provides a wide variety of coffee and food options, making it worth a visit. To all my non-coffee drinkers: Tropical Smoothie Cafe gladly accepts your Bear Bucks.


If you're busy and are looking for a quick sandwich, salad, or wrap, there are a lot of good places near campus that take Bear Bucks. Crazy Bowls and Wraps, which has officially been named a healthy option by Spoon WashU, has everything from vegetarian Mediterranean wraps to teriyaki chicken bowls to queso and chips. Which Wich, another Bear Bucks acceptor on the loop, has signature favorites like the Reuben on Rye and the Cheeseburgerwhich along with gluten free and vegan options like their Avacado Wrap. You can also visit classic staples like Jimmy John's and the unlikely combo of Yummi Tummi's sushi and subs (is there anything better than a meatball sub alongside a spicy salmon roll and a bowl of veggie ramen?).

Italian Cuisine

From flatbreads at Crushed Red to house-made pasta at Pastaria, the Italian food scene off campus is, to quote Pastaria, "Sorta Close Italy." Really, the only difference is that this version of Italy accepts Bear Bucks. Pi Pizzeria on the Central West End makes deep dish and thin crust pizzas, as well as a number of salads and chocolate desserts. Need pizza delivered? Both Blue Box Pizza and Domino's Pizza will happily accept your Bear Bucks.

Sit Down

Bear Bucks are not just for quick meals and snacks. From brunch at Half and Half to dinner at Three Kings Pub (which won the Sauce Magazine 2019 Reader's Choice Award), Bear Bucks can be used in many sit down restaurants around WashU's campus. The Peacock Diner, Taste of India, and Blueberry Hill are all additional options for the Bear Bucks user. In place of a sit-down meal, you can also stand up and use your Bear Bucks at one of Saint Louis's best food trucks, Guerrilla Street Food, which serves modern Filipino cuisine like chicken and pork burritos.


And of course, we can't forget about dessert. Bear Bucks are welcomed at the Ben and Jerry's on the loop, giving you access to all its amazing flavors. Bear Bucks can also be used at Tutti Frutti, and Fro Yo Premium Yogurt, which are both also located on the loop. Another favorite among WashU students is Clementine's Creamery where you can order ice cream such as caramel infused with tequila, vegan options or just good ol' vanilla. How Sweet is This and Jilly's Cupcake Bar are delicious options for a sweet treat other than ice cream (gooey butter cake, perhaps?). Then there's Colleen's, a café that serves breakfast foods and signature shortbreads, macarons, and other pastries. While Colleen's is not located on the loop, it's still walkable and is worth a visit. 

So, instead of saving your Bear Bucks for an extra load of laundry, you might consider spending them at one of the amazing, Bear-Bucks-accepting restaurants just off campus. After all, a change in pace (and food) is always a great treat, and good food trumps clean laundry any day.