As all Tulane students would know, The Boot is known for playing a few favorite songs quite frequently. Everyone has that one song that they just have to get up and dance to, which can say a lot about their personality. And after a long night partying at The Boot, everyone is in need of indulging in some late-night grub. Here's what drunk food you should be reaching for based off of your go-to dance song.

Sweet Caroline = Cheeseburger

bacon, cheese, cheddar, beef, bun, onion
Caroline Ingalls

If you're that person on the dance floor belting your heart out to Sweet Caroline, you prefer the timeless things in life. This crowd favorite is certainly a nostalgic one. When you're in need of a pick-me-up from singing all night, a classic cheeseburger is the perfect meal that's sure to make you feel right at home. Melted cheese never tasted so good (so good! so good! so good!).

Back That Azz Up = Loaded Fries

cheese, meat, sauce, bacon
Jedd Marrero

If this jam is the one that gets your booty moving, you need a snack to match your sassy and high-energy personality. You love to live life on the wild side and let loose on the dance floor, which is why loaded fries are the perfect representation of your personality. Go crazy with toppings and end your night with a bang– a heavenly heaping of fries loaded with flavor, just like you.

Despacito (Remix) = Tacos

corn, lettuce, chili, chicken, tacos
Cherese Shelton

Even though you may mumble all of the words, Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi's sultry voices bring out the spice in everyone. Indulge in this by treating yourself to a delicious taco filled with all of your favorite ingredients. It'll be sure to set your mouth on fire, just like you set off the dance floor.

Rake It Up = Nachos

nachos, pizza, cheese
Monica Milberg

If you've got 20 thousand ones and you're ready to rake it up on the dance floor and at the diner, you need to treat yourself with some mouth-watering nachos. Your friends know you as the one who's always doing the most on the dance floor, so why not be as extra with your food as you are in your personality? Nachos are always a good idea, and you know better than anyone that there's no such thing as too many toppings. If you're feeling adventurous and want to try making your own, you can't go wrong with these 24 must-try nacho recipes.

Sandstorm = Pizza

Callie Carlson

Pizza is arguably the most popular party food, and you're always the life of the party. You value your friends as much as the Boot staff values playing this song and throwing napkins, which is why ordering a pizza at the end of the night is the perfect way to continue the fun. Your friends can count on you to bring good times with you wherever you go, whether that's dancing at the bar or stuffing your face later.

Party in the USA = Breakfast Sandwich 

Emma Chapel

If you put your hands up when they're playing this song, a breakfast sandwich is the move. You're an all-American soul who understands that breakfast staples are staples for a reason. Just like this song that never gets old, breakfast sandwiches are one hot breakfast item that are never going out of style.

Fuckin' Problems = Milkshake

cake, whipped cream, chocolate, cream
Ruby Siegel

Even though you claim you don't give a fuck, if you love bad bitches and thats your fuckin' problem, you're probably a little stressed out. Relax and unwind with this timeless dessert after a long night out of contemplating your issues.

Everyday We Lit = Caesar Salad

vegetable, lettuce, meat, salad, chicken
Michelle Miller

This may seem a little unconventional, but let's face it, you're going to want to give your body a break every once in a while. If you take this song literally and have been stuffing your face every night with the aforementioned foods, your body might be aching for a healthier alternative that still tastes pretty darn good. And plus, everything tastes great when you're drunk.

I hope this list gave you a little insight into your personality and also some food inspo for the next time you go out. The next time you end up sweaty and drunk at City Diner at 3am, just refer back to your favorite song to find out what food you're secretly craving.