Thanksgiving Break never feels long enough—especially when it starts on a Wednesday (no shade at all, Bowdoin...). We decided to keep the vibes of gratitude going all week by sharing some of our staff's favorite eats over their time off! Whether they were inspired by the holiday, riffs off of classic dishes, or timelessly delicious meals and snacks, these dishes are sure to make your mouth water

Keep reading for some of our staff's Thanksgiving Break dining highlights!

Fruity, Meaty and Cheesy Charcuterie Board—Overland Park, KS

Rebecca Norden-Bright

Writer Rebecca Norden-Bright '23 got their Thanksgiving meal off to the right start with the sweet and salty flavors of a charcuterie board. This one included salami, brie, cranberry goat cheese, and a cinnamon Toscano cheese—courtesy of Trader Joe's. We're drooling over the diversity of flavors and textures on this board!

Turkey and the Fixings—Westchester County, NY

Hailey Ryan

Writer Hailey Ryan '26 connected with her extended family over this delicious spread, featuring turkey, stuffing, Brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, and the creamiest-looking mashed potatoes we've ever seen. Seriously, Hailey, slide us that mash recipe. We need it ASAP.

Lox Bagel from Bagel Nosh—Livingston, NJ

Afia Oduro-Manu

Homesick for the taste of a true New Jersey bagel, Writer Afia Oduro-Manu '24 secured this classic schmear from a local bagel shop. She settled on a toasted onion bagel with jalapeño cream cheese, lox, tomatoes, capers, and onions. This sandwich sounds like the perfect mix of salty, briny, and spicy!

Ham and the Works—Brunswick, ME

Thais Carrillo

Photography Director Thais Carillo '23 was hard at work cooking for her dining guests, including her sister, who came up from Boston to visit! They feasted on ham, mac and cheese, two kinds of potatoes, and peas. We're impressed by her cheffing skills, and doubly impressed by her artful plate curation!

Bara Chirashi from M Sushi—Durham, NC

Isabelle Lee

Over break, writer Isabelle Lee '25 feasted on some gluten-free chirashi in her hometown. This sushi rice bowl featured assorted sashimi, tamago, and salmon row. There's nothing fishy about this delicious dish!

Vegetarian- and Celiac-Safe Charcuterie Board—Birmingham, AL 

Milo Young-Perez

Marketing Director Milo Young-Perez '23 helped themself to the world's most accommodating charcuterie board—complete with vegetarian and gluten-free options, thanks to these separate, artfully-placed plates of meat and bread! It can never be a bad day when there are two kinds of baked brie on your table. Also, let's take a moment to appreciate those cheese labels!

Fool-Proof Brined Turkey—New York, NY

Jane Godiner

Although Thanksgiving as a newly-diagnosed celiac can be difficult, Editorial Director Jane Godiner '23 thinks that her family's brined turkey—and the gluten-free accoutrements served with it—left nothing to miss!

Cassoulet—Columbia, MD

Mackenzie Cooper

Writer Mackenzie Cooper '23 added a french flair to her Thanksgiving dinner with this cassoulet. She says that this French stew featuring meat and white beans is a crowd-pleaser at every meal. Can we get an invite next year, Mackenize? Please say "oui!"

Blackcurrant Gelato from Honeysuckle Gelato—Charlotte, NC

Isabelle Lee

Our resident dairy-free gelato expert Lee had a sweet ending to her break with this luscious cup of fruity gelato. It's never too cold for a delicious frozen treat to top off Thanksgiving leftovers!