Ah, Fall Break: all-too-short, but, in the cases of our staff, all-too-packed with fun and delicious food adventures. Whether our staff was exploring a big city, the great outdoors, or local, hidden gems, they sure did a great job of feeding their stomachs and their curiosity. Keep reading to find out what our talented staff of writers, marketers, and photographers enjoyed during our time away from Bowdoin!

Eggs and Toast on Bradbury Mountain State Park—Pownal, ME

Rebecca Norden-Bright

Writer Rebecca Norden-Bright '23 enjoyed a hearty camp stove breakfast while camping over Fall Break on Bradbury Mountain State Park. We're blown away by her culinary (and fire safety) skills, and doubly impressed that she managed such a perfect golden brown on that toast!

Lox Bagel from Modern Bread & Bagel—New York, NY

Jane Godiner

Editorial Director Jane Godiner '23 enjoyed an authentic (and gluten free) New York Bagel with smoked salmon, chive cream cheese, pickled red onions, tomato, and arugula from Modern Bread & Bagel. It's the best bagel she's had since her celiac diagnosis, and it makes for a perfect traveling breakfast!

B.G.T. and Fries from Duckfat— Portland, ME

Mackenzie Cooper

Writer Mackenzie Cooper '26 ventured out to Portland to dine at Bowdoin-beloved Duckfat, where she enjoyed a bacon, goat cheese and tomato sandwich and Belgian-style french fries (fried in duck fat, of course). What a killer combo!

Hot Ones Cheese Fries from Shake Shack—New York, NY

Milo Young-Perez

Marketing Director Milo Young-Perez '23 took advantage of their Fall Break visit to New York to try out Shake Shack's limited-time collaboration with Hot Ones. Their take on Shake Shack's classic cheese fries involves Aleppo pepper and Hot Ones Spicy ShackSauce! We're impressed that they were able to handle the heat!

Ice Cream Cup from J.P. Licks—Boston, MA

Isabelle Lee

Writer Isabelle Lee '25 stumbled across some pumpkin and Madagascar vanilla ice cream while spending her Fall Break in Boston. We're thrilled that she found some dairy-free—and fall-appropriate—options at this historic ice cream shop!

Tonkotsu Ramen from Watami—Brunswick, ME

Thais Carrillo

Photography Director Thais Carillo '23 dined locally over Fall Break at Maine Street's very own Watami! She savored a decadent bowl of ramen with chashu pork jowl, mushroom, bamboo shoots, nori, corn, black garlic oil, narutomaki, and a hard boiled egg. We all need a bowl of this during our first full week back at Bowdoin!

Camarones Al Ajillo from Sophie's Cuban Cuisine—New York, NY

Jane Godiner

Godiner also paid a visit to her long-time city favorite, Sophie's Cuban Cuisine, where she took advantage of their affordable (and massive) lunch special, featuring one main dish and three sides! She opted for Camarones Al Ajillo—tender shrimp in a savory garlic sauce—white rice, black beans, and avocado, but she has a feeling you can't go wrong at this place.

Vegetable Fried Rice from Wing Cheong—Brooklyn, NY

Milo Young-Perez

Young Perez's quest to find delicious vegetarian options continued when they stopped at Wing Cheong for vegetarian fried rice—packed with lots of veggies and flavor. There's truly nothing like some good city takeout!

Salmon Avocado Toast from Café Twenty-Six—Boston, MA

Isabelle Lee

Lee, always resourceful when it comes to dairy-free menus, ordered this bright and beautiful avocado toast topped with smoked salmon, tomatoes, pickled red onions, lots of greens, and 26 Special Aioli. Name a better way to start your day!