Feeding your feelings is actually a real phrase. Feeling depressed on a Monday? What about tired Tuesday? Or motivated and excited after Hump Day? There are plenty of different kinds of foods that can boost your mood depending on how you're feeling, and it's important to listen to those feelings in order to feed them just right. 

Mood: Tired and Unmotivated?

Eat: Healthy Food

Before picking up that phone and calling your nearest Dominos, keep in mind that nutritious foods are actually proven to help with fatigue. When you're deciding what is going to help get up and moving on a Monday afternoon, admit that it's not greasy pizza. Whether it's ordering a hearty salad from a trendy spot like Sweet Green, or getting creative in your own kitchen by watching these healthy recipe videos you can recreate, you'll quickly go from unmotivated and tired to energized and refreshed.

Mood: Depressed?

Eat: Comfort Food 

Comfort food can mean different things to different people. It could be your mom's baked ziti, a big steak and mashed potatoes dinner, or a more southern style fried chicken and mac and cheese meal that does it for ya. Regardless of what your comfort food "vice" is, rest assured it can cure any sadness you're feeling. If you don't know exactly what your go-to comfort food is, take a look at these 10 comfort foods you need to be thankful for. 

Mood: Excited and Energetic?

Eat: Sushi

Sushi comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors, to keep your meal exciting and fun, just like your mood. It's a nice meal to have before going out on the town, because it's relatively light and can be eaten slowly and picked at for a few hours. It's definitely a more trendy cuisine for those who are excited to get out and have a fun meal. 

Mood: Content and Relaxed?

Eat: Italian

Nothing says relaxation like having a nice warm bowl of hearty, rich pasta. It leaves your stomach feeling all those warm and fuzzies, without the gross feeling of greasy, fried food. Being full of cheesy pasta is bound to make you content. It might convince you that Italian food is better than any other food. 

Mood: Cranky? 

Eat: Diner food 

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you're feeling cranky and just want to eat some food without worrying about those cals, head towards your nearest local diner. Whether it be savory breakfast like eggs and bacon, sweet breakfast like french toast, or even more brunchy type items, your body will crave it all as soon as you smell it. 

Mood: Adventurous and Curious?

Eat: Indian or Moroccan

While these cuisines have some different characteristics and dishes, their unique blend of spices and sauces will always leave your tastebuds wanting to try more. Foods can range from spicy to sweet, vegetable-based to meat-based, fried to stewed, you name it, you can have it. Going to a restaurant with these types of cuisines is always a fun adventure with friends or family. Fun fact: adventurous eating is tied to one's genes and upbringing as a kid. 

Mood: Stressed?

Eat: Healthy fats 

Studies have shown that omega-rich foods and B- Vitamins are known to reduce anxiety and stress levels. This could mean turkey, avocado, and even oysters. If you don't have any oysters on hand, maybe whip up a nice whole-grain sandwich or healthy taco with a side of tea to calm those nerves and get you on the right track.

It seems as though we're always on a roller coaster with our moods, and what better way to fix any problem than with food. Regardless of your mood throughout the week, there is always a type of food to help fix it or enhance it.