Most of the time, State College definitely earns the nickname "Happy Valley", but certain times of the year stress runs high and the usually present smiles become buried in books.

The realization that late drop has passed and that finals are quickly approaching makes the weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break the longest stretch of the semester. Happy Valley's comfort food scene will help you hit the books before going home to deck the halls!

1. The Waffle Shop

egg, toast
Jaclyn Alderman

Whoever said "the early bird gets the worm" must have gone to Penn State. You'll have to beat the lines to dig into breakfast from one of State College's most well known eateries: The Waffle Shop. An omelette, pancakes or waffles are the perfect way to fuel up for a long day of studying. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and nothing beats the classics.

Just a quick Catabus ride - or a 10 minute walk -  from the library, are all the best dinner and dessert spots in town.

2. Saint's Cafe

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha, cream
Oriana Abreu

Avoid the chaos of finding a study spot at library and check out Saint's Cafe. This little spot is as zen as can be; Saint's sends off the perfect vibes for a no pressure study session. Finals don't have to be stressful and finding a study nook doesn't have to rival the Hunger Games.

Grab a seat and take a sip of some excellent coffee. Plus, an artsy shot from Saint's Cafe is bound to bring you some love on Instagram- a much needed moral boost.

3. The Field

chocolate, ice cream, cream, caramel, ice
Oriana Abreu

The Field is a Penn State favorite for special occasions of all kinds. Burgers and a big bucket of fries dumped on the table top are the best way to celebrate birthdays, getting internships and acing all your finals. Talk about being happy in Happy Valley!

Since The Field is a quick drive from campus, going all out is a must. Finishing the night off with one of their famous milkshakes is the tastiest way to close out the semester.

4. The Deli

The sign on the wall says it all, The Deli is a student favorite for good drinks and even better eats. College students change their dinner order more often than they change their major, so choices are key. The Deli offers everything from comfort food to pub munchies making it the ultimate crowd pleaser.

5. Baby's Burger and Shakes 

french fries, ketchup, bun, bread, sandwich, meat
Sierra Baldwin

A true throwback to the 50s, Baby's Burgers and Shakes might even count as studying for your American History final. It's a one-stop shop for your fill of poodle skirts, soda jerks and old fashion diner favorites. 

Baby's might help you get through finals week, but personally, I couldn't have made it up the Shortlidge Hill every morning without "Old Time Rock and Roll" blasting from the joint.

6. D.P. Dough

bacon, cheese, sandwich, egg
Kate Avdellas

Step away from the facts and figures and let your imagination run wild; D.P Dough has almost anything you can think of packed inside of a calzone. Although D.P. Dough is a favorite late night call for students, it's a cure for much more than the "drunchies".

Splitting a calzone with your study buddy after finishing your toughest exam is the perfect send off for the end of the semester.

Although there's a lot to be said about healthy eating, sometimes a little grease and a lot of dessert is good for the soul. The last few weeks of the semester can put even the best of students to the test. Digging into the best eats Happy Valley has to offer can help reduce the stress and get everyone in the holiday spirit.