Do you ever find yourself lost in the grocery store for hours, wandering the aisles, and pondering what to drop in your cart? If you're anything like me, you like to stay stocked up on snacks. These snacks are the newest and healthiest options for this year, and you won't want to miss out. So, here's your ultimate guide to the grocery store: 

Whole Foods 365 Organic Pea Crisps

Not only are these delicious, but they are completely guilt-free too. Made of organic pea meal, these crisps have 5 grams of protein, and lots of fiber. Consider this the healthy version of a Cheeto. 

Pick this snack up at your local Whole Foods. 

Little Bites Chocolate Party Cake

Remember eating Little Bites for a snack in elementary school? Well, if you find yourself needing to indulge in something sweet, snack on these limited edition beauties. The miniature cakes are moist and chocolatey. Yum.

These bad boys are typically sold in any grocery store (Shaw's, Kroger's, Giant Eagle, Walmart), check out if your regular spot has one today. 

Epic Venison Steak

Pick up this tasty snack if you are in the mood for something savory. Epic Venison Steak is the healthy version of a Slim Jim, and is packed with tons of protein. It's grass-fed and seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder.

Epic Venison is usually sold in most grocery stores.

Whole Foods 365 PB&J Bites

Want something a little crunchy? Bored of your average sandwich? Try some PB&J bites. Not only are they gluten free, but they are a twist on a delicious classic.

Pick up a bag of these at Whole Foods. 

Kind Strawberry Apple Chia Bars

It's like a fruit roll up, but healthier. This Kind Bar only contains strawberry, apple, cherry, and chia, with no sugar added. You get two servings of fruit and a sweet treat all in one.

Most grocery stores will have these bars, but another option is always to order a box online to stock up. 

Russell Stover Rocky Road Bark

Here, you have your new favorite dessert. These bite-sized milk chocolate bites are loaded up with goodies. Inside each bite, you'll get a combo of marshmallows, peanuts, and caramel, creating the perfect mix of salty and sweet.

Pick up any Russell Stover goodies at a Russell Stover Candy shop, or at a Kroger near you. 

Purely Elizabeth Chocolate Sea Salt Probiotic Granola

Granola is notoriously not as good for you as it claims to be. However, Purely Elizabeth is an exception to that rule. This stuff is filled with superfoods, fiber, and probiotics, and is still low in calories. Sprinkle it over your morning yogurt to spice things up.

Whole Foods keeps Purely Elizabeth stocked. 

Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

If you've tried Sabra's classic hummus, it's time to step up your game and try the Roasted Red Pepper flavor. It's perfect for a mid-day snack. Pair it with crackers or veggies, whatever you're in the mood for.

Every grocery store is bound to have your new favorite hummus. 

RX Bar

RX Bars are the best power bars out there. With minimal ingredients, you are guaranteed a quick, healthy snack.

These bars are the perfect afternoon pick me up. Grab some at Whole Foods, or Giant Eagle. 

Want more snacking ideas? Check out this article... or this one. Whether it's late night munching or a mid-study snack break, it's always good to have something delicious on hand. These tasty treats are the perfect snacks to keep around.