Spoon University at UConn teamed up with our local Farmhouse Crêpes to create a special dish of the week for our crêpe-loving huskies: a delicious banana bread crêpe with a powdered-sugar spoon on top.

My Thoughts on the Crêpe 

This beautiful crêpe took my breath away with its simplicity. There's nothing overly complicated about the design or the taste which I think really brings out that banana flavor.

I was afraid the caramel would be too sweet for me, and that it would overpower the whole crêpe. I was pleasantly surprised that wasn't the case.

The bananas really softened the taste of the whole crêpe. Nothing overpowered my taste buds. It had that classic banana bread taste that made it a delightful dessert with no unsatisfactory surprises.

Daniela Doncel

I felt like this crêpe would have been the perfect treat for a nice warm day outside. It'd fit that spring afternoon in the countryside scene.

Although that vision was nearly impossible thanks to all the snow outside, the aesthetic of Farmhouse Crêpes helped.

The wooden benches and tables, the long white window on the wall, and the southern-esque decoration in Farmhouse Crêpes created an ambiance that fit the Banana Bread Crêpe of the week brilliantly.

For those who like a little crunch, the crêpe had an optional addition of walnuts. I got my crêpe without walnuts, because I'm personally not a fan, but I can imagine the walnuts add a great texture to the soft crêpe.

Daniela Doncel

My Time at UConn's Spoon University

As I was sitting at the table, I got to hear a few people order the Banana Bread Crêpe which was so awesome.

I started at UConn's Spoon University as one of its founding writers, and I am now the editorial director.

As my graduation approaches ever so slowly, this was a nice moment to live. I got to see the influence of an organization I've been a part of for years now in the best way possible: with a delicious plate of food.

The Banana Bread Crêpe was available from Tuesday, March 5 until Sunday, March 10 of 2019.

Daniela Doncel