There are two types of people on game day. There are the people who come for the game. They are the ones who have their eye glued to the television screens for the full duration of the game. And then, on the flip side, there are the ones who've got their eyes on a different type of prize: the food.

For those of us who fall on the ladder half of the list (c'mon, you know who you are), you simply show up in hopes of some killer wings, cheesy nachos, and anything to shovel some dip into your mouth. Trying to eat and pretending you have any clue what's going in the game is serious business. We have to do this all with proper etiquette. 

Proper etiquette, you say? Yep, no double dipping around here. 67% of the population believes double dipping is unacceptable. The faux pas is looked down upon by society, even while you try to root on your favorite team.

Heluva Good! has created a unique solution to the hugest issue facing the US. Last year, they debuted their No Fumble Fanny Pack—a solution to messy game day snacks. This year, Heluva Good! is tackling the issue of double-dipping with the No Double Dip-Spinner.

The Deets

Heluva Good's No Double Dip-Spinner is basically a fancy contraption that dispenses dips. It eliminates any need to dip whatever vehicle you choose. Instead, you place your desired food underneath the motion detector, and a perfect amount of dip will be dispensed.

I know what you're thinking—"how do I get to choose how much dip is dispensed?" Heluva thought about that problem. The spinner has 3 different settings. The Little Dipper provides enough dip for a vegetable, and the Just Right Dipper provides enough for a chip. The last of the settings, the Big Dipper, dispenses enough dip for a wing.

The geniosity was created by a collaboration with Heluva Good! and Joey Fatone. They understand our dilemmas and hatred of germ-spreading. Super Bowl coincides with flu season, and sickness is not going to put a damper on your spirit.

The top of the spinner is fitted perfectly for a party size Heluva Good! Dip. Their most popular varieties include Dill Pickle, Horseradish Bacon, and my personal favorite, French Onion.

Get One Now

Photo Courtesy of Heluva Good!

Want to get your hands on your own? Unfortunately, you cannot buy one of these bad boys in store. However, select followers via Instagram who share their own double dip woes with @heluvagooddips have a chance to win their own No Double Dip-Spinner. Be prepared for a double post. No double dipping this season.