The Super Bowl is coming up soon, and while I can't tell you the teams playing, I do know one thing: the menu. The over-hyped football game is more of an excuse to eat mini-hot dogs, chili, and chips and dip than to actually watch a football game. If I do venture out into the living room, it's to watch the latest Doritos commercial because we all know they're the best.

However, for those of you who choose to watch the game from the comfort of your couch, you are probably all too familiar with the struggle that comes along with it. Besides having to constantly reach over other grabbing hands, the process of simply dunking a chip in dip can become a hazardous activity.

Come this year, there might just be a solution to this messy issue. Welcome to the world of the No Fumble Fanny Pack.

This ingenious (and quite quirky) idea is a brainchild of Heluva Good. Besides delicious dips in all sorts of flavors, Heluva created this product to take away the hassle of football and tailgating. You can say goodbye to full hands, and hello to the freedom of the No Fumble Fanny Pack.

The Features

Photo courtesy of Heluva Good

The food-fanny pack is built with convenience in mind. Suited with straps around your shoulders like suspenders, the vessel is secure no matter how hyped the party gets. The pockets of the pack are perfectly sized to fit your game day grub of chips, dip, and a drink.

Need more space? The fanny pack has hidden pockets on the opposite side of the food containers. Whether you need to fit a remote, your phone, or more food, you've got a discreet place to do it.

Where to Get Your Own

Courtesy of Heluva Good

If you're looking for the closest store to buy your own before the big day on Feb. 4, today might not be your lucky day. The No Fumble Fanny Packs are not being sold at any retailers. You have to win the right to wear one.

Heluva currently has a contest going on. Score one for yourself by entering the sweepstakes. Every day, a new winner will be shipped a fanny pack of their own. One lucky winner will even receive one signed by Jerry Rice, as well as a cooler, TV, and pressure cooker. The grand prize winner will be announced on Monday morning.

If you want to have all of the Super Bowl essentials, all you have to do is submit a photo of a Dip Play. For all the rules, check out how you can enter

If you can't celebrate in style with a No Fumble Fanny Pack, you can still try out Heluva Good dips. The clever name does not lie. From White Cheddar Bacon to Bodacious Onion, there's bound to be a flavor that you and your friends will enjoy.