In a town abundant with endless pints of Thistly Cross and fish and chips, Heart Space Whole Foods in St Andrews is a haven for those looking for something on the healthier side. It offers a hefty mix of interesting and unusual ingredients accompanying the healthy standbys you usually find yourself going without or having to order with Amazon Prime. Foodies and Health-nuts alike rejoice.

What Heart Space Whole Foods is about 

The much anticipated opening of Heart Space Whole Foods happened a few weeks ago, as modeled off the OG Heart Space Whole Foods store in Dundee. So far, Manager Ian Alexander has been met with overwhelming success. When asked about the sources of his ingredients, he stressed the standards of natural food that is mostly made or grown in Fife. Where possible, he prefers organic. Deciphering Nutrition Labels got a lot easier here, as nothing processed, refined, or unnatural stacks these shelves.
Aubrey Thompson

What they offer

Tantalizing and beautiful local Fife vegetables are on display outside of the shop.  You can get your regular boring carrots here, as well some interesting vegetables that you can't get anywhere else such as fresh turmeric root and flower sprouts. Several root veggies fill the baskets this fall.  Fresh seasonal fruits are inside, next to the locally baked breads you can trust are fresh. Past the fresh goods lies the world of unusual and delicious pantry items.

vegetable, cabbage, garlic, pepper, onion, tomato
Aubrey Thompson

Whole foods caters to those with alternative diets expertly. Three brands of dairy-free ice cream are available and soy-free miso is a thing you can find here. Vegetarian and craving some Haggis? They got you covered.

Lots of ooo's and ahh's are to be had over the gluten free options. The local gluten free tiger bread toasts up nicely for this strawberry honey ricotta toast. Gluten-free pastas, oatcakes, cookies, baking flours, and snack bars are abundant as well. Grab a box of Angelic ginger cookies to satisfy your gluten free friend's drunk-chies needs. They are amazing. 

tea, beer, coffee
Aubrey Thompson

If you love to whip up sushi, curries, or anything Asian, this store is your one stop shop (well maybe not for fish). They have a great selection of high quality asian cooking items that is unparalleled in St Andrews. This extends to their pasta selection which seems endless. 

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Aubrey Thompson

Though the space is cozy, Whole Foods seems to offer a wide selection for every diet, every meal, and every creative whim. Walking in will just inspire you to cook and snack in a more mindful way. Check out their website for more info on their Dundee location and yoga studio, as well as their blog with yummy recipes and news. Can't find what your looking for? Email or call Heart Space, as they are most accommodating in sourcing exactly what you're looking for. The location on South Street boasts an easy proximity to just about everything in St Andrews, so nab some natural ingredients for dinner and get cooking.