Eating healthy in college isn't always easy. When you have a meal plan that allows you to eat anywhere on campus anytime you want, unhealthy options arise. These healthy snacks are a must on your grocery list. You'll definitely want to grab these whether you're on the way to class or you need a quick and easy afternoon pick-me-up.

1. Fruits and Veggies

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Sheridan Rhee

Apples are an easy on-the-go fruit. They're super rich in antioxidants and fibers, and can store up to a month in your fridge. If you're looking for something more filling, add some nut butter to create the perfect sweet treat.

Bananas and oranges are also easy on-the-go fruits when you're running late to class but need a quick snack. Carrots and broccoli are nutritious vegetables that last relatively long in your fridge, and a handful of these colorful veggies can replace your cravings of chips.

2. Yogurt

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Sheridan Rhee

Greek, plain, and flavored yogurt all make a great protein-filled snack or breakfast. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with a cup of yogurt. If you need something more filling, add some fruits, granola, or nuts.

3. Protein Bars

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Sheridan Rhee

Having protein bars in your fridge/room is one of the most convenient foods to have. Since these are fairly filling, these bars can be a great breakfast, post-workout snack, or small meal. They come in such a wide variety of flavors, so there's something for everyone. 

4. String Cheese

String cheese is the perfect grab-and-go midday snack. Cheese is an excellent source of calcium and protein and goes well with both crackers and bread. 

5. Nut Butters

Nut butters are an easy source of protein, and can be eaten with practically anything. They are a great addition to fruits, vegetables, or crackers. There is also more than just peanut butter if you are looking for an alternative. There's almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower butter and even chocolate hazelnut butter.