2019 is the year we officially stop diet-culture. Whether it's "skinny-pills," "tea cleansers," or any other awful "diet" that claims it will make you shred 10 pounds in one week, it always rears its ugly face in the new year. Instead of succumbing to ridiculous diet trends, here are 10 healthy New Year's resolutions that don't involve dieting.

1. Face Your Fear-Foods

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Christin Urso

Unfortunately, fear-foods are common for many, and some don't even realize they have them. A fear-food is a specific food or food group that, when you have the choice of eating it, gives you anxiety or unnecessary guilt and shame. These foods are typically sweets, such as cookies and cakes, but they differ from person to person. This year, face your fears. Learn to love yourself and enjoy those potato chips until you are satisfied. Restricting yourself will only make your cravings worse and limit your happiness. Let go of your worries and learn that the small decision to enjoy a food will not have terrible consequences on your overall wellbeing.

2. Pack Your Own Lunch (and Snacks!)

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Christin Urso

This year, try and take the time out of your day to prepare food to take with you on the go. It will eliminate the stress of determining where and what you will eat, ensure that you won't miss a meal, and save you money. For some, doing a full week's worth of food prep on a Sunday afternoon is most effective, while others take it day by day. If that seems like too much at the moment, get some delicious snacks to stash in your bag such as dark chocolate-covered almonds or veggies and hummus. Whichever you decide, your future hungry self will definitely be grateful.

3. Cut Down On Food Waste

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Alex Frank

We are all guilty of throwing food away when it may not even be necessary. This year, learn how to reduce your waste and what you can do with it. This can be done by making more trips to the grocery store without buying as many products. Instead of purchasing food in bulk for how much you think you (and whoever else you are feeding) will eat in a week or two, go twice a week and buy food you know you're going to want. This way, not as much food goes to waste, which can also save you some money. If you do end up wasting food, learn how to compost. If you aren't able to do this out of your own home, find somewhere that does. Don't give up and throw food away just because it's easier, because making a small difference in your daily routine can make a big difference on the environment.

4. Eat More Greens...

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Christin Urso

This year, make your plates more colorful by adding new fruits and vegetables. This healthy resolution does not mean you have to eliminate carbs, dairy, or any other part of the food pyramid; instead, incorporate different foods into your everyday life. For some, this may not be the easiest if you live in a place that doesn't have diverse fruit year around, but don't be discouraged. It can be as simple as having carrots and peanut butter as a snack (trust me, it's life changing), adding steamed broccoli to your dinner, and brightening up your salad with some fruit. These small changes will have a big impact on the way you feel, both mentally and physically, and on the way your food looks.

5. ...And Less Meat

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Matthew Wenger

I know for some this immediately raises a red flag, but hear me out. When I say eat less meat, I don't mean cut it out of your diet completely. Instead, try doing one or two days a week completely vegetarian, or if you are feeling daring, completely vegan. Many know the negative effects red meat may have on a person's physical health, such as raising cholesterol levels and increasing one's risk of a heart attack. Additionally, mass farming and production of meat has a tremendously negative effect on our environment. If everyone goes vegetarian for just one or two days a week, meat sales will eventually decrease, which means there will be less mass production of it. 

6. Explore New Restaurants

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Rebecca Buchanan

If you live in a small town, feel as though you have been to every restaurant in your city at least twice, or are an adventurous foodie always looking for something new, this is the perfect New Year's resolution. Once a month, challenge yourself to find a new place to eat that you have never heard of before. Pick a day where you and some friends, family, or even just yourself go a bit farther for a mouth-watering meal. This may require a bit more time, but you could turn it into a trip where you visit not only the restaurant, but whatever city it's in as well. Make a day of it and treat is as a mini vacation. Your taste buds will thank you.

7. Learn What's in Your Food

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Rose Ferrao

This resolution does not include learning how many calories and carbs are in your food, because that is not what you should be worrying about. Food labels can be seriously misleading when they claim that their product is "sugar free" or "all natural." In order to find out what you are actually putting into your body, take a look at the ingredients list. Again, don't focus on the calorie count or any of the other numbers (except trans fat, because that is never good). Avoid foods that have unnecessarily long ingredients lists, because that indicates that what was used to make the end product was not entirely "organic." This year, try not to focus on whether or not you are eating too many calories, but instead educate yourself on the additives and fillers that are hiding in most of your food.

8. Cook Your Own Meals

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Josi Miller

Obviously it's not always possible for someone to completely avoid restaurants (which you shouldn't, because many of them have the most delicious meals). But try resolving to start making meals for yourself, your friends, or your family. Take this time to try out all those Pinterest and Facebook recipes you have pinned or shared but never had the chance to try out. For some, cooking and baking can be relaxing and a time when you can really get creative. Don't worry if it doesn't turn out "camera ready," because in the end, all that matters is how wonderful it tastes.

9. Everything In Moderation

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Jenny Georgieva

This year, this is your anthem. For the rest of 2019 (and your life), try reminding yourself to eat everything in moderation, and that a balanced diet is significantly healthier than a restricted one. Using this, you can learn to stop berating yourself for "ruining" your day by ending the night with some delicious ice cream as you watch The Bachelor. For this healthy New Year's resolution, build a healthier relationship with all foods and realize that nothing is off limits. Instead, focus on eating more whole, cooked meals throughout the day. If you are craving some chocolate, cheesy bread, or other previously labeled "off limits" foods, eat them. Never again ask yourself the question: "Am I allowed to eat this?" If you are hungry for it, then you should eat it.

10. Ditch The Diets

Lindsey Rau

This year, we are ditching diet culture and everything with it. Dieting is a concept ingrained into our society as something everyone needs to do in order to live a "healthy" and "happy" lifestyle. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. If you've tried a diet, have you ever felt as though you can never stick with it, and you always end up "cheating" or "caving"? And when this happens, have you felt guilty and ashamed that you couldn't "control" yourself? If you have, know that you're not alone and that this is extremely unhealthy to your physical and mental wellbeing. Instead of starving yourself for a "1200 Calories A Day" diet, try intuitive eating. Essentially, eat what your body is truly hungry for. Don't deprive yourself of carbs, fats, or sugars your body needs, nor the sweets you may want. 

The whole "New Year, New Me" slogan should have to do with more than just your physical appearance, because you are more than that. For 2019, focus on your mental wellbeing and what truly makes you happy. Ignore the diets promoted by celebrities, because in reality, they don't even use them. Surround yourself with a positive environment, both on and off social media. This is your year, so go out and make it special.