Living on campus last year was a nightmare at first. I was eating "out" all the time, despite having full kitchen access. This lead to me either not eating enough or eating too much. I was always on-the-go and eating right wasn't number one on my list. Junk food was my go-to—but what saved me was finding healthier alternatives to my cravings.

Pour Me a Cup

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Photo courtesy of Hint

Pop seems to be the most convenient to buy—it's cheap and isn't plain. It gives you just the right amount of fizz to keep you awake. But the excess sugar just ends up giving you a crash later. Spice up your water drinking with Hint.

Hint water gives a refreshing splash of fruit infusion. Their flavors include examples such as pineapple and watermelon. Hint is also sure to keep you refreshed. Another equally as refreshing winner is WTR MLN WTR. It is a cold-pressed juice that contains nothing but the delicious taste of watermelon—just as nature intended.

Sweet Talking Sugar-Coated

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Photo courtesy of Simply Gum

Chocolate and cupcakes are a girl's best friend. But how do you satisfy your sweet tooth while still resisting the frosting? Simply gum is like no other gum of its kind. The brand sources only the best ingredients such as organic raw cane sugar and organic rice flour. Their flavors range from mint to coffee to even maple. There is sure to be a flavor for you. 

Get your chocolate fix with ingredients that even your mother would approve of with Not Your Sugar Mamas sources natural raw cacao beans. Their chocolate is rich in protein, fiber and iron. From flavors such as lavender sea salt to Rose Maca, their bars are sure to pack a flavor punch.

Belgian Boys waffles and give the right amount of sweetness. Indulge in a snack that uses fresh dough for its waffles, and can be eaten on the go or warmed up to give your ice cream a twist. For added sweetness Fiber Gourmets Thinables 100 cal packs of cookies in cinnamon swirl will not only give you 15g of fiber but will give you a tasty treat. 

Condiments to the Rescue

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Photo Courtesy of Sir Kensington

Burgers and hot dogs just don't taste the same without condiments. Fries are never by themselves. But often slathering on ketchup and mustard can contain unhealthy preservatives or just taste bland. Sir Kensington's does the work for you. Their products use only the best ingredients. Their mayo contains free range eggs, sunflower oil and is non-GMO. 

Give me the Meats

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Photo courtesy of The New Primal

Being in a run for a quick snack before class, or 12 am munchies always ends up at a gas station run. Don't turn to high sodium jerky to be the answer. The New Primal features jerky and beef sticks that are not only delicious, but grass-fed, no added hormones/antibiotics as wells as gluten free. A few of their stick flavors include cilantro lime, Habanero pineapple and BBQ.

 Two Peas in a Pod

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Photo courtesy of HIppeas

Hippeas are an organic chick pea puff. They are a great alternative to regular potato chips and give a salty bite. From flavors such as far out fajita and vegan white cheddar, there is sure to be a flavor for the whole family to enjoy. Hummus stir sells fresh and wholesome hummus that isn't packed with additives. If you want a combo for your veggies Hummus stir is a winner. 

Gimme More Veggies

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Photo courtesy of Veggie Gos

Veggie Gos bring the fruit snack game to a whole new level. Their snacks are non-GMO, gluten free as well as USDA organic. Their mix of fruit and veggies, gives you a feel good taste of fruit with the nutrients of veggies. Speaking of veggies, Veggie Noodle Co. makes a perfect alternative to heavy pasta dishes. Eat fresh zucchini or butternut squash and serve over your favorite sauce. Dinner is served!

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

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Photo courtesy of RXBAR

Need a power snack to get you through a late study session? Try RXBAR. This brand of protein bars uses ingredients such as egg whites , figs, and nuts to create bars that will keep your full and energized. Averaging at about 200 cal these bars are great to keep with you on the go or just by your bedside table. 

Another company Natures Bakery, sells fig bars in a variety of different flavors. Their fig bars are whole wheat as well as non-GMO, vegan , kosher, and contain no artificial flavoring. From flavors such as peach apricot to lemon, these fig bars are a crowd pleaser. 

KIND recently launched their new brand of fruit bites. These fruit bites do not contain any added sugar. The bites are made from exclusively the fruit such as their cherries and apple. Their other flavors are strawberry cherry apple and mango pineapple apple. These are the perfect snack to take for on the go.

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Overall these snacks will be sure to not only keep you energized, but will also keep you full. These snacks help to curve your midnight cravings as well as leave you wanting more. Don't wait, let the food journey begin.