If you take delight in relishing a platter of all things healthy, not only to nourish your body but also your senses, then you will probably fall for these weirdly delicious fruits. Fruits are the best snacks you can devour between meals because they're light, jam-packed with nutrients, and super delicious. I discovered the following exotic fruits at Delhi's INA Market, infamous for imported goods. 

Whether you make a salad, freeze them with jelly, add them to your dessert as toppings or eat them raw (healthiest of 'em all), here are 10 exotic fruits that would add a splash of color to your otherwise somber meals.

1. Grapefruit

tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, juice, citrus
Kartik Sharma

Searching for a low-cal version of Citrus fruits? Say no more. Grapefruit not only offers a generous amount of water content but also contains Vitamins A & C. It is considered to be a magical fruit for diabetic patients. The taste fluctuates from sour to sweet to in between the two, and the flesh is usually a pretty fuschia or red in color.

Approximate Price: ₹300 per kg

2. Rambutan

lychee, rambutan
Kartik Sharma

Litchi's lesser known cousin, Rambutan or Chom Chom, although similar in appearance, is much denser in taste. The skin concealing the sweet flesh is covered in spikes, and I won't lie, it is amusing to touch the outer layer. 

Approximate Price: ₹280 for a box of 15

3. Avocados

vegetable, feijoa, lime, pasture, avocado, juice
Kartik Sharma

With a ton of recipes flooding the internet, avocados seem to be in trend, and I understand why. Rich and creamy in texture, this little fruit is abundant with vitamins, potassium, fiber, and fatty acids. The plethora of recipes available on the net would make this your go-to fruit. I personally recommend (holy) guacamole. 

Approximate Price: ₹200 per kg

4. Dragon Fruit

sweet, dragonfruit, vegetable, rose
Kartik Sharma

By far, Dragon Fruit is my favorite in terms of appearance. This bright pink fruit comes from a family of cactus and contains plenty of nutrients and antioxidants. It is smooth in texture and can taste anything from bland to sweet. This would beautify your average fruit salad in no time. 

Approximate Price: ₹350 per kg

5. Blueberries

blackberry, sweet, bilberry, berry, pasture, blueberry
Kartik Sharma

Perfect for a pocket-sized snack, Blueberries spring a burst of flavor in your mouth with the right balance of sweetness and sourness. They are low in calories and high in nutrition, giving you all the more reason to gorge on them. Blueberry based desserts (cheesecake, muffins, tarts, pancakes) are also quite popular and rightly so!

Approximate Price: ₹180 for a box of 100gm

6. Apricot (Khubani)

apple, vegetable
Kartik Sharma

Consumed in many forms- jams, squashes, jellies, and dry fruits, Apricots taste equally delectable when eaten raw. They have a multitude of health benefits and are sweet and succulent in taste.

Approximate Price: ₹400 for a box

7. Prunes

jabouticaba, Damson, sweet, berry, pasture, blueberry
Kartik Sharma

Prunes are dried plums, so, naturally, they taste sweet and sugary. They are found to improve digestion and do wonders for your bone density. 

Approximate Price: ₹150 for a pack of 15

8. Kiwi (Chinese Gooseberry)

pasture, sweet
Kartik Sharma

Packed with the goodness of Vitamin C, Kiwi tastes as glorious as it looks. The flesh is soft and green in color punctuated with edible black seeds. Kiwi is definitely one of my top choices to decorate a salad and/or dessert.

Approximate Price: ₹150 per kg

9. Mangosteen

water caltrop, sweet, water chestnut, vegetable
Kartik Sharma

Mangosteen has a notably thick outer skin with edible white flesh inside that tastes juicy and sweet. This tropical fruit can significantly improve your health owing to the overload of nutrients in it. 

#SpoonTip: Buy Mangosteens with bright purple skins instead of dry ones to ensure freshness. 

Approximate Price: ₹600 for a pack of 10

10. Galia Melon

cantaloupe, melon
Kartik Sharma

Galia Melon is enormous in size with the average weight being one kilogram. The flesh is light yellow to dull orange in color and tastes mushy and wonderfully sweet. It is a cross between a cantaloupe and a honeydew melon, so, you're enjoying the wholesomeness of both of these fruits. Just saying.

Approximate Price: ₹200 per kg

I hope that these new additions to your diet would make you look forward to a fresh and sumptuous meal every day.