I'm pretty sure no one can resist a bite of soft, gooey, sweet dough before it's rolled up and popped in the oven. However, not only does eating raw cookie dough run you the risk of getting sick, but the calories can rack up quickly. So recently, I set out on a mission to find a healthier version of this irresistible treat. Is healthy cookie dough even a thing? 

Good news — it is. Twisted Cookie Dough, a company based out of Arkansas, makes high-protein, low-sugar cookie dough that is also way lower in calories than your standard cookie dough. (It's basically the Halo Top of cookie doughs.) The founder of the company, Rose Hankins, makes the cookie dough in 10 delicious flavors that (luckily) taste anything far from healthy. I was lucky enough to get to try five of their flavors, and here's what I thought, starting with my favorite. 

Hazelnut Swirl

cream, ice, ice cream
Julia Palace

Rating: 10/10

This soft and sweet dough was loaded with chocolate hazelnut swirls. It tasted amazing, and had such a great texture. I was surprised by how closely this resembled actual cookie dough. If you are a Nutella lover, this one is for you.

Confetti Cupcake

butter, chicken
Julia Palace

Rating: 9.5/10

For anybody who loves super sweet birthday cake-flavored products, you'll go gaga over this one. It was soft and packed full of colorful sprinkles. While this flavor tasted great, it was super sweet and the sprinkles didn't add the texture that I craved.

Cookie Monster

chocolate, peanut butter, butter, cream, ice, ice cream
Julia Palace

Rating: 9/10

This cookie dough was gooey, sweet, and had huge chunks of Oreo-like cookies throughout (Yum!). Cookies and cream lovers, rejoice! This one was made just for you. This flavor was amazing, but the texture of the crunchy cookies didn't hold up that well — the cookie dough could use some more crunch.

4. Butter Crunch

curry, ice, ice cream, butter, pumpkin
Julia Palace

Rating: 8/10

Inspired by Butterfingers, this dough had a perfectly sweet peanut butter flavor and small crunchy bits throughout. It was smooth and sticky like any cookie dough should be, and the perfect flavor for any PB lover. This dough was sweet and nutty, however, it could have benefitted from some more Butterfinger pieces for texture. 

5. Oatmeal Raisin 

milk, chocolate, ice, ice cream, cream
Julia Palace

Rating: 7/10

While I am not always the biggest fan of oatmeal raisin cookies, this dough did pack a great cinnamon flavor, and was full of oat pieces and raisins. The texture of this one was a little firmer than the rest, but pretty good, nonetheless.

Twisted Cookie Dough is what the world needs right now — a healthy way to eat cookie dough straight from the package. And, with less than 200 calories per serving, there's no reason you can't snack on this more than once (or twice) a day. You can order the cookie dough directly from their website, and with flavors this good, I'd get on it. Pretty sure I have five flavors left to try.