Regardless of whether or not college is your first rodeo, sometimes your food cravings take over. Whatever is convenient and can be cashed in through your meal plan sounds good at the time but once spring break rolls around, you're not so sure. If only there was a way to satisfy your junk food cravings the healthier way. Well, wish granted. This article gives you great alternatives to junk food cravings.

Pop Goes the Weasel

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Photo courtesy of Drink Wonderwell

If you’re craving something bubbly and sweet, as well as refreshing, look no further than Sparkling Bitters. It is a carbonated drink that comes in a variety of fruit flavors while also helping with digestion, and is low-calorie.

Wonder + Well has a variety of flavored water that is organic as well as delicious. The company reduces plastic bottle use by utilizing their boxed packaging. 

Chocolate? You Don't Have to Ask Twice

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Whether in s'mores or by itself, chocolate cravings are all too real. Luckily there are ways to get your fix without feeling too bad about it. Justin's Peanut Butter cups are a great way to fill the fix while also enjoying ingredients that are organic, as well as uses fair trade chocolate.

Everyone wants to treat themselves once in a while. Artisana Organics provides a range of decadent cacao spreads that are made with coconut or sunflower, the taste that not only is rich but also guilt free. Now on a different note, why can't chocolate be good for you?

It can. On a late night study session or when your feeling groggy in the morning, Awake granola bars are just the right pick me up. While Awake contains dark chocolate, it also contains the equivalent caffeine to one cup of coffee. So drop the Keurig and enjoy a snack that will keep you energized. Another company, R.e.d.d , has a chocolate energy bar that will also provide caffeine. 

I'll Take Some Salt With my Crunch

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Here are some great alternatives to the same old Pringles or Lays potato chips. Off the Cob Chips is a company that uses sustainable farming methods as well as real sweet corn in their products. Vegan Robs looks towards compassion for the earth as well as great taste to manufacture popcorn and chips that are no only good for you but tasty as well. 

What goes better with chips? Dip. Wild Garden produces a hummus and chips snack pack that is sure to pack a punch. Everything you need is ready for safe on-the-go travel in a convenient squeeze tube fresh vacuum-sealed bag. 

Beanitos takes convenience to a tasty level with a large variety of high protein bean based chips. Their unique flavors such as half of lime and mac and cheese crunch are sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next get together.

Hippeas are organic chickpea puffs, if you love chickpeas you might also like Maya Kaimal , which is a Indian fine foods company that features chickpea chips that give a twist on the classic bean. With flavors such as sweet chili and lime, these tasty chips are sure to be a favorite. 

Sweet Tooth Has a Whole New Meaning

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Photo courtesy of Food Stirs

 If you’re walking into the store and craving something sweet, you might gravitate towards sour gummy worms or cake and cookies. Look no further to delicious solutions for all your needs.

Cliff Bar has branded itself as being a company that provides energy and fulfilling bars that not only taste good but are packed with protein to last during even the most strenuous situations. Their Blueberry Crisp when warmed up will leave you wondering if your in your grandmas kitchen again.

Lucy's Gluten Free Cookies  are sure to wow any guest, especially the Ginger Snap cookies. While gluten-free might not be everyone's need, Lucy's has created a crunchy and airy cookie that leaves you wanting more. Another great option is Goodie Girl Cookies, they prides themselves in providing girl scout style flavor cookies with a gluten free twist. Food Stirs makes baking fun and healthy with easy organic baking kits.

If sour candy is more your cup of tea, Yum Earth has a great alternative to your average Haribos. Their sour beans are mostly made from organic ingredients, and they use dyes made from veggies and fruits to color the snack. If sour isn't for you but gummies are still what you like, why not get an energy boost too? Honey Stingers is a company that creates organic energy chews that are sure to keep you awake and ready to go.

Savory Tastes Oh So Good

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Photo courtesy of Vermont Smoke & Cure

Save the time and energy for another night because Minute has you covered. Their Brown Rice and Quinea blend is ready for you to quickly take on the go or make for a fast after work healthy meal. But if meat is on your mind, Vermont is the ticket for you.

Vermont Smoke & Cure provides beef sticks for easy on the go travel. The meat is not fed antibiotics and they are vegetarian fed. Not only does the company pride itself for being Vermont based, but also it’s cautious and ethical towards the animal.

If you are vegan but looking for a great alternative to your once favorite beef stick, Gopal is a winner. They have three different varieties of their power wraps. Some of the flavors include, honey curry and Italian. 

Chicken nuggets always sound good, but are they? If your looking for a vegan option, Quorn is sure to satisfy. The company uses soy base and taste wise you wouldn't notice a difference.

It Wouldn't Kill You to Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Photo courtesy of Salad Power

Between smoothies and floats to fruit roll ups, there is a way to still get in your daily dose of fruits and veggies. You Love Fruit Leather gives a fruit roll up feel while being made with organic ingredients such as mango and coconut. If you're feeling thirsty after the fruit leather, a way to wash it down would be the company Four Sigmatic. The company creates tea that incorporates mushrooms.

Speaking of mushrooms and veggies, Pure Growth Organics has a great veggie chip that is not not only lower in calories than most chips, but they also do not use artificial dyes as well as no GMOs. Go Raw brings veggies to a new light with their sprouted seeds. They sell from pumpkin to sunflower to even watermelon.

Bare Snack is similar in the fact that instead of using the seeds as a snack the company uses the fruit and dehydrates them into a chip form. If fruit or veggies raw isn't the best option for you liquid might be up your alley.

Fruigees does just that by providing on the go squeezable tubes that contain a serving of fruit and veggies. Salad Power makes drinking veggies and fruit easy by making a cool refreshing portable drink. This boxed drink is easy for on the go.

#SpoonTip: If you think boxed drinks are easy, so are junk food alternatives. From chocolate to chicken nuggets, healthier options are always available.

Don't let the freshman 15 catch up with you. It is possible to find brands that not only satisfy your cravings, but also are good for you. Now what are you waiting for ? Time to discover what amazing food there is at the grocery store. Explore the journey of food independence with ingredients that take the worry off. Being a healthy college student only happens during the dinner table.