Healing stones can work to help a variety of your day-to-day issues. Which traditional or modern healing stones speak to your sun sign? Let me help.

Capricorn (12/22-1/19)


Capricorns—feeling like you’ve lost balance in your work life? Struggling to accept the everyday changes and challenges of life? Garnet is the perfect healing stone for you. This sun sign is associated with rigid, hardworking individuals who tend to be very intense, take failure harshly, and be hard on themselves in all aspects of work and relationships. Garnet as a healing stone works to both your strengths and your weaknesses; as an emotional healing energy, it stimulates work drive and is lucky in love, success, and business goals. This can balance out common Capricorn fears of failure, tendencies toward jealousy, and increase the work drive you might’ve lost after the first low grade this semester.


My Capricorns, I’m sensing a theme here. Agate’s main use is to promote a sense of stability and boost self-esteem and self-confidence. It can be used to dispel feelings of negativity and heals anger, helping self-analysis and stabilizing the aura. If you’re feeling lost and confused, agate helps to internal consciousness and contemplation.

 Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

My fellow Aquarians: Let’s face it, you’re a mess. This sun sign is known for it’s creativity and love for knowledge and its passion to fight for other people. Yet Aquarians are often emotionally guarded, blunt, sensitive, and tend toward the extremes.

Amethyst is known to prevent overindulgence. For the eccentrics who go a bit over the top, try Amethyst as a healing stone. It is known to calm the mind, drive away negative attachments, and expand creativity and passion.

The Aquarius sun sign is a fixed sign. This often causes rigidness and stubborn behaviors in Aquarian lifestyles. Rainforest Jasper is a healing stone that brings those behaviors to light by attracting positive people into your life and dispelling thoughts and emotions that don’t help personal growth and transformation.

Pisces (2/19-3/20)

Pisces: You’re a dream. But, that’s part of the issue. You are known to be adjustable people, ideal friends and partners, and talented artists. Yet, you can be can spacey and lack balance, misled by others, and very sensitive individuals.

Aquamarine brings destructive behaviors to the forefront, helping to target these behaviors for conscious change. It promotes clarity and intellect, allowing for better reason during tense, emotional situations that Pisces frequently find themselves in.

Bloodstone is used to ground a person and is known as a talisman for good health and life. It promotes courage and strength in daily life and is known to stimulate good energy and motivation. Struggling with classwork? Trying to overcome those 8 a.m. classes? This stone just might be the one.

 Aries (3/21-4/19)

And now for the natural leaders. Headstrong but tough, impatient but courageous, Aries are the everyday go-getters. They are brave and intelligent but can rush into fights and hold grudges. They are sure of themselves—but this can lead to unwanted trouble.

Much like its Aries counterpart, Diamonds bring a hard, invincible exterior to the forefront. These healing stones are often used to conduct both positive and negative energy, but above all unify the mind and body in a single effort. They can be useful for big projects (talk about finals, am I right?) and increase the energy and effort an Aries already has.

Fire Agate brings protection and inspires passion and drive in projects. It increases mental drive and aids during major changes in life. This can also help ward against a negative work environment.

 Taurus (4/20-5/20)

The Taurus sun sign brings out a fun, dependable individual who is also a natural born leader. They can be lazy and stubborn, however, causing Taurus people to be narrow-minded and extremely materialistic. They are fantastic friends, but often possessive lovers. Either way, their loyalty speaks volumes.

Emerald is a stone of many healing tricks, one of which promoting balance in partnerships. It also works to revive passion in romance and bring great self-esteem to the individual wearing it. It can help with work ethic, improving concentration, and provides understanding.

Rose Quartz is very beneficial to a Taurus. It provides self-nurturing and harmony within relationships, both platonic and romantic. It alleviates grief and provides better balance in oneself despite a hectic environment. With finals week right around the corner, check out Rose Quartz to help calm down the studying environment and with maintaining a healthy social life.

Gemini (5/21-6/21)

Alright Gemini. You aren’t as two-faced as most like to believe, I promise. The Gemini sun sign is one of complexity, often leading people to misunderstand you. You are independent, love freedom, and can work on several things at once. Yet, your impulsivity and strong feelings of anxiety tend to get in the way.

Tie yourself to the power of the moon with this stone. Moonstone helps you in travels and self-expression. That anxiety weighing you down? Moonstone is known for its calming properties, healing repressed self-doubt, and aids emotional balance.

Tiger’s Eye is frequently used for its protective properties, but has many smaller uses that are extremely helpful. It is an ideal stone for personal growth, attention to details, and reducing anxiety during major life changes. Arguing with friends or family? Tiger’s Eye is also known for its ability to increase understanding and balance amongst opposing viewpoints.

Cancer (6/22-7/22)

For one of the most loyal signs, Cancers are adaptable, friendly individuals. They play on their strengths and are extremely caring in nature. However, Cancers often have a rough time controlling their emotions and struggle with self-esteem.

Feeling down on yourself? Ruby contains healing properties that promote self-confidence and determination in both mental and physical spirit. It’s also a stone of protection and is known to help overcome lethargy and exhaustion. It aids concentration and a healthy mental spirit.

Calcite is a powerful spiritual energy conductor. It can boost memory and dispel negative energy around the individual wearing it. Calcite is also known to balance the mind and body, emotion and intellect.

Leo (7/23-8/22)

Independence and confidence is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Leo. They crave adventure but that can lead to a very melodramatic life. With their positives, they can be vain, believe their own version of the truth, and become bruised when not enough people support them.

If you feel like you might have a few too many of these negative traits, Peridot assists in overcoming jealousy, reestablishing self-worth, and alleviating obsessions. This can be very useful in recognizing unhealthy patterns and allowing better overall self-reliance.

Stepping myself in here, Labradorite is an extremely useful stone that I’ve worn everyday for about nine months. Labradorite is a helpful stone for change, promoting strength, perseverance, and positivity. It dispels anxiety and increases motivation and determination in facing new obstacles.

Virgo (8/23-9/22)

Virgos are one of the most stressed out signs, but that doesn’t come from nothing. They tend toward being perfectionists though it isn’t always displayed in their work. They are loyal and helpful friends, often very smart, but usually cannot find balance in their lives and over involve themselves in other people’s business.

Sapphire is both great for intellect and calming the mind simultaneously. It provides the balance a Virgo often cannot find. Sapphire promotes honesty and leadership and is a stone of attachment to other people.

Moss Agate is a stone of steady energy, which provides balance and grounding to the wearer. It’s helpful to those who often experience mood swings and can promote wealth in the workspace.

Libra (9/23-10/22)

It’s no secret that everyone loves to be around a Libra. They have a sense of calm, are very optimistic, and love to help others. On the other hand, Libras can be very lazy about school and work, and can be very self-centered.

Like a Libra, the opal is pleasing to be around. It helps to stop self-absorption and brooding, relieving anxiety, and protecting against other negative influences. Opals encourage spontaneity and adventure, bringing light and joy with the wearer.

Sunstone encourage independence and vitality, bringing with it self-healing energies. It provides a source of luck and opportunity, and often has been known to alleviate fear and stress. For the brooding Libra’s out there, this one’s for you.

Scorpio (10/23-11/21)

Scorpios notice everything. They have an eye for detail and tend to be naturally independent and introverted people. Scorpios are ambitious and determined people, and don’t like when people don’t understand them. But who can blame us? Scorpios tend to be the most misunderstood and complicated personalities and are often moody and possessive.

Yellow Topaz is certainly the perfect stone—it brings inner wisdom and attracts the goals and people that benefit a Scorpio. They ease emotional tension and aid in friendships and understanding. Yellow Topaz aids with people who tend to be individualistic by allowing for more of an invisibility cloak when trying to get things done.

Scorpios already know themselves better than anyone else. Hiddenite helps the wearer to attract the things in life that will benefit them the most, from friendships to careers. It heals deep emotional wounds and blocks negativity.

Sagittarius (11/22-12/21)

Sagittarians are joyful and wise and attract others with their radiant personalities. Though their confidence and joy overflows, they can become obsessive and angry, and are not known to have the best patience.

Zircon is a highly grounding stone. It can keep a Sagittarius level-headed, and promotes love in their relationships. It helps with organization and motivation.

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