Are you a tea lover? Do you enjoy a soothing cup of tea before bed?

As winter approaches, sickness starts taking over college campuses, and your body might need an extra boost to keep it going. I am here to share with you some of my favorite teas that not only taste good, but also have numerous health benefits.

Feeling too jittery with coffee?


Photo by Keni Lin

Replace your coffee craving with green tea–it can stimulate your brain and increase brain function to enhance your studies. Additionally, it provides your body with antioxidants that can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and cavities. So why not start thinking of your future health now? Drink one cup of green tea a day and keep the doctor away.

Feeling too stressed out?

Peppermint tea is here to save the day–the menthol present in the tea eases muscles and can help relax your whole body. It can naturally help you relieve stress and anxiety. Also, it can help you have a more restful sleep and potentially make you have more vivid dreams. So drink some before bed and wake up feeling brand new.

Feeling like a cold is starting to take over?


Photo by Keni Lin

We all know that dreadful sensation of waking up with a sore throat. Help soothe that pain with throat coat tea–with a flavor combination of licorice and marshmallow root, this warm drink will ease your sore throat and make your voice feel polished and renewed. Chamomile tea (with honey) can also do the trick.

Feeling bloated or nauseous?


Photo by Keni Lin

Ginger digestive tea can help with that. Ginger has been shown to provide many soothing health benefits, such as helping digestive problems and relieving stomach or other pains. Regret eating that Chipotle burrito before going out? Drink some ginger tea and you will feel ready to go!

Feeling like you have a migraine?

Help suppress your headache pain with lavender tea–this tea releases essential oils in order to treat intense headaches. Next time you wake up with a major hangover headache, you know how to solve the issue.

Feeling run down?


Photo by Parisa Soraya

Treat yourself with some hot chocolate. In case you get tired of all your teas, satisfy your sweet tooth craving with this drink. Hot chocolate can improve your mood and potentially help protect against heart disease with its plant-derived antioxidants. The closer to real cocoa you use, the better it will be for you.

So when your body starts to give out at the end of the semester or if you just want to warm yourself up on a cold day, drink any of these delicious teas (or hot chocolate), and feel better from the inside and out!


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