If you love Harry Styles, puppies, stylish children, and food, get ready to absolutely lose your mind. Today, Harry Styles released his music video for "Kiwi," a song from his first solo album. And, although the video is a bit confusing and has nothing to do with the lyrics, it involves basically everything from a twenty-something's Instagram feed, Yes, including lavish homemade desserts.

First, You Have to See This Music Video

If you have yet to see the video, it starts out with young actress Beau Gadsdon (from "Star Wars Rogue One" and "The Crown") walking to a school gymnasium in a floral suit with a box full of cupcakes. But this ain't no bake sale. Once she gets to the gym, there's a ton of other kids in Harry Styles signature looks surrounding a heaping pile of cupcakes and pastries and doughnuts—basically a pile of sugary goodness. Then, the food fight starts. Frosting is flying everywhere and no one is safe. Then, Styles enters the gym and releases a pack of puppies. And at the end, they take a class photo covered in desserts.

No One Gets It

The whole time I'm like wait, WTF? And I'm not the only one. The video has everyone confused, because what does this have to do with the song that has Styles singing about a woman that drives him crazy and claims to be having his baby? Nothing.

Literally, I have no clue.

But whatever, I'm here for it.

Seriously, RT! RT!

Fun fact: Harry Styles used to work in a bakery. OMG did he used to have a thing with the baker and that's who he's talking about in the song?

Ah, another interesting theory.

Maybe Harry Just Really Loves Baked Goods

So yeah, I'm sure the theories will continue to evolve over the next couple of days. But honestly, the whole food fight thing isn't all that surprising.

Beyond working in a bakery before finding fame, Harry Styles is a low-key foodie. He's been known to snack on bananas while on stage, prepared for his role in "Dunkirk" by eating cans of corned beef, and earlier this year dated food blogger and chef Tess Ward. According to a source who spoke with the Sun, the couple had "bonded over their mutual love of quirky fashion and food." 

This music video is definitely a quirky look at food, and although it's not what I was expecting, it's everything I ever wanted  (unbeknownst to me) from Harry Styles.