Harry Styles is killing the game right now — his first solo tour sold out in a matter of seconds and his new single "Sign of the Times" peaked at no. 1 on Billboard’s Twitter Top Tracks chart (not to mention, it’s just plain amazing). But now, he even has a new rumored girlfriend: Tess Ward. Ward is a British food blogger and author of "The Naked Diet." Needless to say, Harry is in good hands, because as all of us Spoonies know, foodies make the best dates. Why? There are a lot of reasons, but here are the top nine: 

1. You'll Never be Hungry Again

This most certainly goes without saying, but it's important to reiterate. Foodies are constantly hungry. (I eat six times a day, because #smallmealsbestmeals.) 

2. You'll Always Know the Best Restaurants

After you get a taste of good food, you can't go back. My mom may be mad that I only use a few meal swipes a week, but sweetgreen always beats the dining hall (actually, any restaurant generally beats the dining hall). That being said, we foodies also do know how to eat on a budget, so expect great taste for a low cost. 

3. Adventure Awaits

New avocado themed café in Brooklyn? Boozy ice cream? Foodies are willing to try it all, and as their date, you're along for the ride. Expect to be kept up-to-date on all the newest food trends and know that your stomach will never be bored. 

4. Traveling is Assumed

Your foodie lover most definitely follows all the Insider food accounts and has a global food itinerary. Near or far, anticipate many food road trips in your future.

5. Expect Great Cooking

I have experienced firsthand the incredible cooking talents of foodies while at school. Resident Spoon Georgetown Editor and major foodie, Brittany Arnett, is also the greatest chef in the world. I have never seen so many different ways to prep an avocado toast. Check out her food Insta, @toastedtable, for a peak at how foodies can revolutionize a kitchen. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even get to be a taste-tester. 

6. No Scheduling Stress

beer, coffee, tea
Katie Jannotta

My mom got me an OpenTable account when I turned 15 and I haven't looked back since. I love planning travel itineraries based on restaurants and my summer food list is about three pages long. Translation: You (or Harry) will never be expected to pick out the restaurant, so date night will be a breeze. 

7. Aesthetic Photos Lead to Quality Mems

Do not ignore this — it is a major plus. As much as you hate the food and assorted photo shoots that foodies often engage in, you're going to love the resulting pictures and memories that surround them. I cannot tell you how many times I've been made fun of for taking photos of my food and then asked to send them in the same breath. 

8. We Don't Settle, So You're Amazing

Foodies know what they want and never settle for less, in all parts of their lives (including romance). When foodies fall, they are sure that you are worthy of their attention. Treasure them. 

9. Food is the Great Unifier

beer, cake, tea, coffee
Sydney te Wildt

Not to get all sappy, but nothing brings people together like a good meal. I have found my home on campus with Spoon University, and some of my best friendships at school have been made over a mutual love of food. The same goes for romantic relationships — foodies are excited to share their passion, and also excited to learn yours. If you're looking for love, find a food lover.