It's October, and that means that it is officially ~spOoOoky~ szn. Halloween traditions include fun costumes, piles of candy, and trick-or-treating, but Halloween is also about memories with friends and family. And what foods are the best to enjoy with your friends and family? The traditional delicacies of classic delis, just like my grandma makes 'em. Here are six Jewish foods to try this spooky season (and in celebration of the Jewish New Year)!

#1. Latkes

Sweet Potato Latkes

mealmakeovermoms on Flickr

I see lots o' latkes in your future this October. Fried, sizzling potato pancakes dipped in sour cream and applesauce? Sign me up.

#2. Noodle Kugel

Noodle Kugel Makeover

mealmakeovermoms on Flickr

Noodle Kugel is sure to give you some truly chilling nightmares. This is certainly not your average casserole. Toss some cinnamon and apples on top or bake in a little cream cheese, and this kugel will be haunting you for weeks.

#3. Rugelach

Rugelach recipe baking chocolate apricot

Le living and co. on Flickr

Rest in peace to your basic Halloween sweet treats. This year, bake up some flaky, delicious rugelach instead! Part croissant, part dessert, stuff your rugelach with anything from jam to chocolate chips to cinnamon and raisins (my grandma's own recipe).

#4. Blintzes

Photo of Cheese Blintzes

Foodista on Flickr

Skip the haunted houses this year in favor of some bone-chilling, blood-curdling blintzes. A creamy, cheesy filling wrapped delicately in a buttery, crepe-like crust, these are like dreamy, tiny Jewish burritos. 

#5. Knishes

bread, knish, cheddar
Alyssa Parker

Knish me, I'm Jewish! Knishes are my personal favorite food on this list. Imagine a savory meat or potato filling, covered with dough and baked until golden your mouth watering too?

#6. Lox & Schmear

bagel, salmon, lox, cheese, sandwich, bread
Jennifer Nigro

A classic that should be enjoyed every single season, lox & schmear never gets old. Enjoy on the bagel of your choosing. Totally supernatural!

Happy October and happy challah-ween, foodies! Feast up this month - perhaps you'll find yourself a new favorite snack before you head off to trick-or-treat.