Halo Top is taking over the ice cream world, and for good reason. There are now roughly two dozen flavors of this brand's low calorie, high protein ice cream that has made them gain fame. My two favorite Halo Top pints have always been Cinnamon Roll and Pumpkin Pie. However, with their newest limited edition release, my list of favorites might change. 

The New Flavor

Hitting your grocery stores soon will be a seasonal flavor that is sure to knock your stockings off. The limited edition pint is a fresh take on a winter-time staple: Gingerbread House. The base is Halo Top's signature smooth ice cream, which will then be packed with luxurious swirls of sweet icing and bite-sized pieces of gingersnap cookies.

The Deets

The entire pint clocks in at only 360 calories with a whopping 20 grams of protein. So for anyone who claims ice cream has no nutritional value, Halo Top has since proven them wrong. This seasonal flavor will begin to hit the freezers of supermarkets near you in late November.

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Meredith Davin

Even if Gingerbread isn't your thing, any other pint from Halo Top's ever-growing product line will be sure to satisfy any craving. From birthday cake to chocolate peanut butter, there is a flavor for everyone out there. You can buy Gingerbread House and and all of Halo Top's other flavors on their website or in stores near you.