Most upperclassmen at UVA choose to live in off grounds apartment style housing. As a second year, my roommates and I moved into an apartment off The Corner this summer. Alhough I have lived on my own in an apartment before, this move so far has further taught me the importance of self-reliance, as well as the exhilaration of finding a deal: learning how to hack the Corner.

In light of that, I would like to share, with my fellow Hoos, some of the fun deals that can be found around campus. This summer, taking a class during session III, I learned how to navigate The Corner during the off season, after the hoards of students have departed from grounds. I stumbled upon some interesting hacks that I want to pass along. Wahoos, here is how to expertly hack The Corner.

Bodo's Bagels

Looking for lunch under $2? Look no further than Bodos. Choose a bagel and add either peanut butter or jelly. Either option alone, comes in just under $2, though peanut butter has the benefit of protein to get you through a long afternoon.

For those with a more savory palate, add hummus to your bagel for only 75 cents to get a good protein kick to get you through a busy afternoon. If you are looking for something more colorful, add avocado to any bagel for only 90 cents. It's a knock out deal compared to $2 added guacamole at Chipotle. Add a little salt and pepper, maybe some lemon juice or red pepper flakes if you feel like splurging, and you have the perfect everything bagel meal. 

Take It Away

Next turn down Elliewood Avenue to stop at Take it Away, a quaint sandwich shop, run by the owners of famous Cheese Shop in Williamsburg. Pop in here to get a hefty bag of bread ends for just 75 cents. Grab a few bags, stick some in the cupboard to use right away, and throw the rest in the freezer to keep them fresh longer. Just defrost and toast the slices when you're ready for a sandwich or piece of toast.

If they get a little stale, cube up the bread, dress with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh garlic or garlic powder.  Bake at 350, and 15 minutes later you now have croutons. If you are a toast lover, like me, check out this Spoon take introducing artisanal toast for creative breakfast and snack ideas.

The Biltmore

Head a few doors down Elliewood Ave to The Biltmore. Every weekday from 5-8 pm, all starters including the Quesadillas, the House Spinach Dip, and Nachos are $2 off. Unwind after a long stressful day of class with some soul soothing melted cheese. Imagine how much you could save by splitting appetizers.

Trinity Irish Pub

While Regina only wears pink on Fridays, Here we follow a different rule on Thursdays: never pass Trinity. This Irish Pub flaunts a juicy cheese burger with homemade potato chips for just $3 every Thursday. Swing by to start your weekend off right.

Insomnia Cookies

If you frequently find yourself ordering these warm late night cookies, download the Pocket Points app on your smart phone. This app helps rewards you with points, which help you earn discounts, for staying off of your phone during class. Pocket Points helps users earn discounts at various restaurants and shops. So far this app can only be used to hack The Corner at Insomnia cookies.

The Juice Laundry

Make sure to hit up Juice Laundry's corner location on Mondays, when they give all UVA students 20% off all orders. Many students tend to shy away from this spot due to outrageous smoothie prices.

They forget that Juice Laundry also sells overnight oats and vegan chili. With the student discount an oatmeal bowl, for breakfast of lunch, is just under $5 and the chili comes in just under $6. Included in this cost you get a choice of 3 different toppings. My favorites are mango, their killer house granola, and freshly ground cashew butter. 

Boylan Heights

Something is always going on at the corner of University Ave and 14th Street, which Boylan Heights calls home. The school spirit here is so outrageous. On UVA home game days BBQ Nachos are $2 off. Keep up with the action at Boylan to hear about special deals after UVA sport's team wins.

The weekends are always a highlight here, game or not. On Fridays add house-made queso to an order of fries or tots for no charge. Or, between 2pm - 5pm, grab an order or School Wings for $5. On Sundays after 1 pm, wings are only 50 cents each. Finally as a reminder that Mondays are only a continuation of the weekend, stop by for $5 out of this world milkshakes. My go-to milkshake is Reese's.

 Arch's Frozen Yoghurt

Turn the corner and head to Arch's every Tuesday, when they have all you can eat froyo and toppings for $5. Start off with a gooey warm brownie packed in the bottom of your cup. Then mound your Everest-sized frozen yoghurt swirl on top. Lastly top and drizzle your swirl to your heart's content.

Somewhere Between The Pav and The Bookstore...

If none of these work for you and you are down to your last literal penny, just suck it up and bribe a friend to swipe you into Newcomb and sneak some fruit, milk, and cereal out in your backpack. 

If you have a meal plan and are looking to get creative in the dining hall here are a couple creative dining hall hacks:

When you get bored of the same ice cream with the same toppings every day, check out this article on making your own blizzard in the dining hall  to cool off in Charlottesville's unending Indian summer. 

Before class in the winter, I love making lattes to pair with my breakfast, or to just grab on the run. Warm 1/3 cup of milk in microwave and top off with hot coffee. If available, sprinkle a little cinnamon on top to complete your masterpiece.

Caty Schnack

When you grow tired of scrounging the corner for cheap deals, check out Spoon's take on how to save money at the grocery store. Before you know it, you'll be your friends' go-to resource on ballin' on a budget.