It’s midterms week, and one thing is certain: I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches. But eating one, sometimes two, sandwiches a day can become lackluster, which is why I like to throw in the occasional artisanal toast. That’s right. Toast that’s art.

But how could toast possibly be considered art, you ask? I may be a weird toast fanatic, but there’s something visually appealing about a few healthy ingredients atop a hearty piece of toasted bread. Other people think so, too. This new phenomenon rapidly has spread with the help of social media like Instagram and Tumblr. Snap a picture, choose a filter, post your photo and you’ll become a part of the toast movement, too.

This toast craze surprisingly has received some negative press from news organizations like The New YorkerNPR and The Guardian, but not because of a lack in taste. (Yes, toast is receiving press now.) A piece of toasted bread with one to two toppings is easily $3 to $4 in trendy cafés around the United States. Some find the pricing to be outrageous, especially considering that toast is traditionally considered an inexpensive meal or side alternative.

My solution to this problem? I’ll just make my own. Luckily, it’s super easy to make at home and in an apartment or dorm. Anything goes in making artisanal toast because you are the artist. First, pick a spread with a smooth texture, like peanut butter or cheese. Add fruit with a sweet drizzle or vegetables with a pinch of spice. Keep scrolling for a few ideas to get you started.

 Toast, avocado and red pepper flakes—the classic Instagram shot 

Photo by Becky Hughes

Cucumber and cream cheese

Photo from

Crostinis topped with ricotta, plums and cherries

Photo from

Mushrooms, onions and goat cheese

Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Ricotta, honey and strawberries

Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Artisanal yolk porn…

Photo by Caty Schnack

Try adding avocado with the egg

Photo by Amanda Schulman

Toast topped with ricotta, honey and figs

Photo by Julia Maguire

The possibilities are endless!

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