Whole Foods Market in Foggy Bottom is sponsoring GW's annual Midnight Breakfast in District House on Monday, December 11th from 10:30 pm to 12:30 am. Midnight Breakfast has been a tradition at GW that invites students to take a break from studying for final exams to have fun and enjoy delicious food. From Ben and Jerry's ice cream giveaways to a tradition breakfast full of eggs and pancakes, this event will be the perfect way to relieve final exam stress. All food offered at the event can be purchased at your local Whole Foods Market in Foggy Bottom. 

Whole Foods Market Breakfast

At the Midnight Breakfast, Whole Foods Market in Foggy Bottom will provide a home-cooked breakfast full of bagels, eggs, homestyle potatoes, bacon, sausage and fresh fruit. You won't want to miss out on this scrumptious food. 

365 Everyday Value

Whole Foods Market will have their 365 Everyday products on hand, including muffins, cinnamon rolls and waffles. What else more could you ask for?

Annie's Frosted Oat Flakes 

Annie’s Organic Frosted Oat Flakes is a tasty whole grain oat cereal. It's crunchy, sweet and organic.  You'll definitely want to have this cereal in the morning.

Oat My Goodness Granola  

Oat My Goodness granola offers four different kinds of granola: Vintage, Sunrise, Bad Monkey and Starshine craft. There's something for everyone. These granolas are perfect for overnight oats and they boast a low sodium count. 

La Colombe Draft Lattes 

You can get your coffee fix in a convenient can. Try a cold latte with a frothy layer of silky foam. It's made with lactose-free milk and cold-pressed espresso with no sugar added. This drink will help you power through studying for final exams. 

Hippeas Chickpea Snacks 

Give chickpeas a chance by trying these organic, gluten-free and crunchy snacks that are packed with protein and fiber. Try the vegan white cheddar flavor or the siracha sunshine. You'll never pick up a bag of chips again after having a bag of Hippeas organic chickpea puffs. 

Late July Chips

These tortilla chips blow Tostitos out of the park. Late July offers a wide variety of flavors and pair perfectly with guacamole and salsa. From buffalo queso to sweet potato, you can literally find any flavor for any craving.  

Misfit Juicery 

Misfit offers a new way of combating food waste with their refreshing juices. Flavors include: Off Beet, Far From the Tree, The Better OJ and more. If you drink this juice, your landfill and our planet will thank you later. 

Kite Hill 

These great tasting dairy-free yogurts are the perfect way to start your day. They are almond-milk based and have a variety of flavors from vanilla to mango to black cherry — there's a flavor for everyone.

The Perfect Pita 

If you haven't been to Perfect Pita in 2000 Pennsylvania Ave., then you are missing out. The homemade pita bread, hummus and vegan menu boast tons of options for any occasion. Definitely, try the Hummus Veggie Pita, it's a slam dunk. 

Ben and Jerry's 

Everyone knows and loves Ben & Jerry's. Come to the Midnight Breakfast to potentially win Ben & Jerry's giveaways. Who wouldn't want free ice cream anyway? 

All of these treats are available at your local Whole Foods Market in Foggy Bottom year round. Don't miss all of the fun and treats at GW's annual Midnight Breakfast on December 11th!