Dining halls, swipes, and meal plans are staples at almost every college across the country. However, GW has opted for a new style of dining for its students in lieu of J-Street's retirement from the Marvin Center. You have 90+ GWorld-friendly options of cheap, fancy, yummy, quick, or classic food all over the North West corridor. 

1. Baja Fresh

coffee, pizza
Elizabeth Nofziger

I know whenever I am wanting an inexpensive taco, the first place I think of is Baja Fresh. Baja Fresh is on the corner of 20th and I streets by Jetties. The beauty of this place is that they give GW students 10% off of every purchase. They also always have limes and a free salsa bar. ¡Qué bueno! 

2. BTS

Steven Baboun

If you are craving something completely indulgent but that might break the $10 meal budget, Burger Tap and Shake, or BTS for short, is the place to go. J-street had burgers, but nothing like what BTS can serve up. Build your own burger or order off the menu; either way you can't go wrong with a big ol' burger.  


cheese, sandwich, toast
Megan Larson

J-Street used to have grilled cheeses that you could pair with a sad turkey chili, but here is a better option. Say you find yourself on the way to the White House and are feeling a little grumbly in your tummy—stop at GCDC to pick up an artisan or made-to-order sandwich before saying, "Hi" to Barack and Michelle. 

4. Crepeaway

cake, coffee, tea, chocolate, birthday cake
Elizabeth Nofziger

One last GWorld nugget that J-Street could never offer is Crepeaway, located on the edge of Dupont Circle. They serve all kinds of different crepes way late into the night for those late drunchie cravings. Or a late night in because Crepeaway delivers for those of us who can't bring ourselves to venture into the real world.

As a first year, or even a returning GW student, I hope you try out and enjoy just a few of the restaurants at your fingertips like I do. DC is your cafeteria, J-Street is no more, and your GWorld card is your most important meal ticket.