We are defined by the company we keep...And our pantries are defined by the company we keep while we grocery shop.  

Just in the way that you'll go shopping with one friend and come home with nothing, another friend and come home with 15 things, and one last friend who shuttles you home with two crop tops that don't fit and look horrendous, your grocery shopping haul is highly dependent on who you do it with.

Here are the five types of friends you'll go grocery shopping with in your lifetime.

1. The Friend Who Gets You to Buy Vegetables

vegetable, cucumber, pepper, tomato, salad
Christin Urso

This is your yoga-loving, peace-endorsing, only-eats-organic-food friend. She's super trendy and wears her Lululemon leggings everywhere, encouraging all her friends to eat more kale in protest of animal cruelty. Though honestly, that bag full of beets might not actually be all that useful once you get home and want a snack.

2. The Friend Who Raids the Snack Aisle With You

sweet, juice
Lara Schwieger

This is both your best friend and your worst enemy. Or, at least, your waistband's enemy. There's something really liberating about walking down the aisle and snatching down cans of Pringles and at least right different flavors of Ben and Jerry's. It's not necessarily going to fill you up through the week, but if your friend says it's a good idea, you should do it anyway, right?

3. The Friend Who Steals

grape, pasture, berry, wine
Lila Seeley

Now, this may not be the best sort of character to associate yourself with in the first place. This is the friend who helps themselves to the doughnuts in the bakery section and finishes them before you make it to the register. I'm not an advocate for stealing, but sometimes those doughnuts look pretty tempting, and every broke college student is looking for a deal...

4. The Friend Who Gets You to Try New Things

fish, flour
Kendra Valkema

"Have you ever heard of starfruit? The Big Y just started carrying it and it's amazing." This friend will come in with you and enlighten you with all these bizarre foods and off-brand snacks to try. Now, I'm not saying that you wouldn't normally pick up pickled ginger on your own, but I'm also 100% sure you don't need it.

5. The Friend Who You Forget to Get Food With

Kimberly Fu

This friend is so mind-numbingly funny and interesting that somehow you manage to walk up and down every aisle without getting what you came for. Whether you came out with Goldfish while you were there for toothpaste of if you walked out with nothing at all, this friend is definitely the factor of distraction.