You've probably heard of Graze, the super tasty snack delivery service that's been around for years. If you've ever received a deal to taste a free Graze box, you know it's hard not to get hooked on their perfectly portioned, yet somehow healthy snacks. Seem like the perfect problem to you?

The only downside is that, until recently, the only way to get any of these great snacks was through the delivery service, which also didn't guarantee that you'd get your favorites when the delivery came since they would select snacks based on your preference from tons of options available.

Thankfully, Graze has released a select few snacks for purchase in retail stores including Walgreens, Hannaford, and ShopRite, so you can have them at your fingertips at any time.

The retail choices include healthy alternatives to some of your favorite fatty bites like cinnamon apple pie (to combat this homemade version), peach and rhubarb pick me up, punchy protein nut, sour cream and onion cashews, sweet memphis bbq, dark chocolate cherry tart, new york everything bagel (with a few less calories than these), salted caramel and chocolate cookie, spicy Sriracha crunch, veggie protein power, and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

They range from salty to sweet to spicy and contain mixtures of nuts, grains, seeds, and other healthy bites. They also come in either snack packs or sharing bags so you can buy in bulk if you want. They even recently released a line of superfood mixes, which include elements like turmeric and baobab.

If you prefer the full range of options, be sure to check out Graze's site and subscribe to your own box (the first is free!), but if you'd like to sample some flavors first, get out to one of those retailers and grab yourself a healthier snack.