I discovered Graze, a snack box delivered right to your front step (or dorm room), as an alternative to traditional snacking and it has totally changed the way I eat. The first sample box is free and all subsequent boxes are $11.99. With a subscription, you receive regular weekly deliveries of the 8-snack boxes. When you do the math, that's a whole lot cheaper (and better tasting) than paying for your vending machine chips. All their snacks are hand picked, health-conscious, and taste delicious. 

The Best Kind of Online Shopping

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Hailey Maher
Log on to Graze and fill out their survey to get a customized box of snacks. With over 100 different types of snacks, there are options for different dietary needs, allergies, and palates. I was excited to learn about their promise of working with small businesses with a focus on nutritious and delicious foods. In addition to customized boxes, you can also order specialized boxes like chocolate (hello, holiday gifts) and pre-workout protein snacks.  

Delicious Variety

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Hailey Maher
Each box comes with eight snacks, but if you fall in love with a certain one you can order it in bulk. Mine had a lot of fall-themed foods, including lightly salted popcorn, honeycomb flapjacks, and so many more mouth-watering snacks. Best part: they're prepackaged, and all under 250 calories, so you don't have to worry about eating an entire bag of trail mix. 

The Low Down

Hailey Maher
It's important to snack every few hours to keep your blood sugar stable and avoid overeating at mealtimes. When your peers are filling themselves up on empty calories like chips and cookies, munch on these snacks hand picked by nutritionists to keep you full. 

Graze Away

Hailey Maher

Whether you like to eat three square meals or like to graze on foods all day, subscription-based snack boxes are probably right for you. I always throw a few of these in my backpack and thank myself later when I'm half asleep in class. By subscribing to Graze, you'll be supporting local businesses, investing in your health, saving time, and enjoying every snack along the way.