It seems like more and more ice cream companies are getting the memo that ice cream and booze go hand in hand. From wine ice cream to bourbon Ben and Jerry's, companies all over the country are tapping into this seriously amazing idea. Graeter's, an ice cream icon in Ohio, has finally caught on to this trend and has created their own ice cream flavored beer. Known for their French pot process of creating ice cream, all of Graeter's delicious flavors are created by hand in individual batches. Graeter's beer is based off their famous black raspberry chocolate chip flavor, and frankly, it might even be better than the real thing. 

The News

That's right - you heard me: ice cream flavored beer. According to WCMH, a Columbus news station, Graeter's is releasing a black raspberry chocolate chip milk stout. 

The Scoop

The beer is being crafted by a local Cincinnati brewery, Braxton Brewing Company, and is a milk stout that uses Graeter's black raspberry puree, the same one used in their ice cream. The beer is going to be available at Kroger stores in several locations in Ohio and Kentucky.

Even better news: Jake Rouse, Braxton Brewing Company's CEO, even said that they hope that this is the first of many collaborations between the two companies. I've never been a huge fan of beer, but this seems like a pretty good place to start.