Whenever I hear someone say the three sweet words: "Ben & Jerry's," I immediately start asking when and where can I get some?! Between the usual variety of about 40 new and old flavors, I rarely ever turn down the opportunity of snagging a delicious cup or cone of the traditional Phish Food, Half Baked, or Cherry Garcia. 

But perhaps my typical order wouldn't mind a little switch up due to the exciting boozy Ben & Jerry rumors that are circling and blowing up the internet. Here's the inside scoop on what could be coming our way. 

Cold, sweet, and coming in hot — Ben & Jerry's ice cream is about to get boozy. Well, at least that's what the rumors are telling us and we really hope that they're true. Rumor has it that the ice cream empire is going to introduce a new flavor called Urban Bourbon in just a few months and we can already see lines going out the doors.

Inside this amazing and boozy ice cream concoction will be burnt caramel ice cream mixed with almonds, fudge flakes, and the most exciting part: bourbon caramel swirls! It'll be like happy hour in a pint of ice cream. In that case, I'll take two. 

Now, I know that a rumor is a rumor but can't a girl dream? Our Popsugar sources tell us that Ben & Jerry's has applied to trademark the name 'Urban Bourbon' for the future flavor, and on top of that, Walmart already has a blank page on its website for purchasing the flavor. Our sweet boozy dreams might actually become a reality someday.

So ladies, gentlemen, and other hungry readers, make sure to keep your eyes peeled because I think it's time to get the big spoons out and get ready to actually get chocolate wasted. Cheers and scoop responsibly!