Granola is typically framed as a health food, with loads of healthy carbs and fats, but your average granola might actually be packed with tons of unnecessary sugars and other additives. That's where Gr8nola comes in. Gr8nola was founded by former Olympics Trial swimmer Erica Liu Williams, who struggled to find a cleaner version of this excellent snack/yogurt topping to fuel her active lifestyle yet uncompromising tastebuds. Unwilling to settle for the less healthy store bought brands, Erica set out to make delicious granola with minimal, readable ingredients and no soy, dairy, refined sugars, or inflammatory oils. Her granola ended up tasting so good that she started selling it at her local farmers market, and thus Gr8nola was born. All flavors have only five grams of sugar per 1/3 cup serving and some are infused with unique superfoods I've never seen before in granola, adding a fun and modern twist to a pretty traditional food. I tried out each flavor that Gr8nola has to offer and here's what I thought.

The Original Gr8nola

We gotta start off with the OG. Gr8nola's Original flavor is all that you could ask for in granola and more. With huge granola chunks that are naturally sweet thanks to the addition of honey (the best natural sweetener in my opinion), it's the perfect topping for your Greek yogurt. As an added bonus, there's a generous serving of almonds in the granola, so you get that extra flavor and dose of healthy fats, too.

Golden Turmeric Gr8nola

Golden lattes have become widely popularized, but why not golden granola? Gr8nola's turmeric-infused granola offers a nice little kick to any sweet dish or something to munch on that satisfies both your sweet and savory tooth. I love munching on a handful with a cup of tea for a warming snack on those chilly nights.

Coco Cacao Gr8nola

I'll take any excuse to incorporate chocolate in my breakfasts, so I'm forever indebted to Gr8nola for their Coco Cacao flavor. Because Gr8nola uses cacao powder instead of cocoa powder, the granola is not as sweet as eating straight-up chocolate, so you won't get that nasty mid-morning crash after eating something overly-sweet like a donut. My favorite use for this granola is atop an açai bowl with all the works: sliced fruit, coconut flakes, chia seeds, and a tablespoon of almond butter. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Matcha Green Tea Gr8nola

I am a matcha fiend. Matcha ice cream, chocolate, lattes—give me all the green tea goodies. So imagine my excitement and joy when I found out that Gr8nola has enabled my matcha addiction further by making a Matcha Green Tea granola, which is by far my favorite. The matcha flavor is earthy but not overpowering, and pairs well with everything from white chocolate to strawberries. If you're going to try one flavor, try this one. 

Charcoal Chia Gr8nola

Activated charcoal has recently been banned from NYC, but fear not: Gr8nola has Charcoal Chia granola for the trendy foody in all of us. Hailed as Gr8nola's "take on a healthy Oreo," this flavor was originally intended to be limited-edition, but due to popular demand, it has recently become a permanent flavor in Gr8nola's superfood line. Charcoal doesn't have any flavor, so this granola is like a vegan version of the Original, sans almonds, with the added crunch and benefits from chia seeds. It is definitely a delicious and aesthetically-pleasing way to remove toxins and whiten your teeth, among other health benefits

Gr8nola's name certainly lives up to its products. All the granolas I've tried surpassed my expectations, and with such unique flavors that you can't find elsewhere, you're bound to get hooked. Plus, with such a short ingredients list, it's the perfect healthified version of your favorite yogurt topping. Pick up a big (or two... or five) of Gr8nola's granola. You can thank me later.