We've heard about it from our science teachers, we read about it everyday — but we still don't do anything about it. Having an environment friendly lifestyle seems hard, but it takes just a few changes to "go green" and help Mother Nature. Here are a few easy ways to do your bit to keep our planet healthy.

1. Know your food whereabouts

Heema Gokani

Buying produce that comes from the country you live in is a great first step to going green. You're not only helping your planet, but also the local economy and food safety, which are all issues that we need to bear in mind.

Secondly, since the food travels a much shorter distance — or not at all — you reduce food miles, therefore reducing gas emissions. Gas emissions don't just harm the environment: their effects have already been noticed on people as well, so it's really important to play your part here!

2. Less is more

Heema Gokani

Buy minimally packaged goods! This is actually listed in the Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World, published by the UN and is something you should definitely consider in your daily grocery shop. The less packaging a product has, the less waste you will produce — bonus points if the packaging is made of paper or recycled materials! Don't forget to put your waste in the right bin in order to facilitate the recycling process

3. Be mindful of how you use the kitchen

Heema Gokani

When you use the kitchen, it's easy to forget to switch off your devices after you use them. It might seem less time consuming to leave the hob and the oven switched on — particularly after a tiring day of lectures. However, appliances keep consuming energy even when not in use if they're plugged in. 

In fact, an average of 8% of the total energy consumed by the household goes into plugged in devices. To limit this waste, keep an eye on everything you do in the kitchen. Something as simple as boiling only the water you need could save you both time and energy, keeping the bills low and your life green.

4. Ditch plastic for good

Heema Gokani

Maybe it's just me, but I really get upset when I have to buy another plastic bag in the supermarket. It's a waste of money that just leads to more plastic circulating around the planet. The solution is simple: keep using the plastic bags you have until they break, and then throw them away (in the recycling bin if your recycling allows). Once you're out of plastic bags, buy a bag for life: sturdier than normal plastic bags, bags for life will become your new best friend in your path to a greener lifestyle.

Final thoughts

Heema Gokani

Being lazy just isn't an excuse anymore. By following these tips — and maybe adding a few more in the future — you will help the planet, yourself and future generations flourish and get a healthier environment to live in without breaking a sweat. Remember: if you don't want to do it for Mother Nature, do it for yourself!

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