Happy Gluten-Free Thanksgiving!!

Struggles turn into Satisfaction:

There are several people who have been diagnosed with celiacs disease and people who have an intolerance for gluten. I recently have gained an intolerance for gluten (gives me severe migraines). I always make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but since the crust is  made with wheat flour, I can't eat it. So, I want to enjoy the tasty dishes on the table as well. There's also stuffing, which is literally BREAD crumbs.

Living in a Colorful World:

What's so great about living in this diverse country, there are so many options for foods (ex. vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, etc.). It can still have the strong flavor of cinnamon and nutmeg, or the soft fluffiness of normal bread...it's just gluten-free! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the different flavors that pair so well together. Sweet and savory are my favorite combination!

Substitutions for Flour:

There are many substitutions for regular AP Flour, such as, Rice Flour, Millet Flour, Oat Flour, Tapioca Flour, etc. When it comes time to go shopping for the meal's ingredients, many food markets now have their own section for gluten-free alternatives. Even if you're not gluten-free, it's still worth trying. From my family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Check out these recipes!

Recipe for Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins:


sweet, pumpkin
Katherine Carroll

Recipe for Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread with Cinna-Maple Butter:


rye bread, pastry, wheat, cake, chocolate, sweet, brown bread, bread
Helena Lin

Recipe for Gluten-Free Stuffing:


Liz Kaplan