Glassdoor is a great resource if you're looking for a job, want to rave about the one you have, or complain about how horrible your work experience is at a company. Glassdoor came out with its Best Places to Work in 2017 list, based on positive employee reviews and ratings. Number 7 on the list is none other than the best burger joint of the west, In-N-Out. 

Glassdoor gathered this information after scanning its database for positive reviews and ratings from current and former employees. With that information, it curated the Employee Choice Awards 2017. Most of the companies on the list are consulting firms and tech companies. Out of the 50 best places to work, only 4 had to do with food and drinks.

In-N-Out has 714 reviews — 92% of employees would recommend to a friend, and 95% approve of the CEO, Lynsi Torres. Fun fact, Torres is America's youngest female billionaire, and her grandparents founded the burger chain 68 years ago. According to her Glassdoor review, she is among the highest rated CEOs of 2016.

pizza, beer
Photo courtesy of Glassdoor

Glassdoor's criteria for ratings and reviews are based off of work/life balance, culture and values, career opportunities, benefits, and senior management. If you're thinking about a job at In-N-Out, its interview process is rated 2.3 out of 5 — meaning it's very easy. So go for it. The average pay for an Associate is $12 an hour. 

chicken, pizza, beer
Photo courtesy of Glassdoor

The other food and beverage companies that made the top 50 list are Trader Joe's (33rd), E&J's Gallo Winery (47th), and Wegman's (50th). We already know that TJ's is a happy place to work, and that it's easy to be obsessed with Wegman's. It's a pleasant surprise that In-N-Out is so high on the list — that should give Shake Shack a run for its money.