I swear, thanks to this article I have possibly the weirdest browsing history I've ever seen. I cannot tell you how many ways I've looked up foods you shouldn't eat before you give head. Actually, wait. I can. 10 ways. Seriously though, I hope my parents never see my search history from the past couple days.

And, unsurprisingly, there are no credible sources on this. Googling turns up foods to make you taste better (#SpoonTip: no asparagus). UGH. I ended up asking my sister in medical school for some of these because I was running out of options. Can you say hella awkward? That was a conversation I never imagined having nor wanted to have.

But, thanks to my research (and some pages that were way TMI about people I didn't know), I can give you the most comprehensive list of foods you shouldn't eat before you give head. Granted, there's not a lot, but these foods are definitely a no (at least right before sex).

1. Hot Peppers

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Alexa Gambero

This is self explanatory. After all, you can't wash away the film of capsaicin (the chemical that makes you realize something is spicy) unless you feel like chugging a glass of milk. The film releases when you breathe and doesn't even feel pleasant when you lock lips with your significant other.

So when you go down to give head, eating something spicy results in...I'm not going to get specific, but if you do this I hope he enjoys feeling like his dick is on fire. And let's not even get into how it's going to feel for a girl (or guy, you can swing any way you want) if it goes in after.

2. Oily Foods

cheese, pretzel, onion
Margaret MacArthur

This is more of a problem for you if you're using condoms after head. Safe sex is best sex people. The problem with eating oily foods before you give head isn't the food, but the oil itself. Oil breaks down latex condoms, traps bacteria and irritants close to the skin, and washes off with difficulty. It's overall just a sucky choice before you give head.

If you're going to go down, make sure you haven't had something super oily or greasy. That means lay off the cheesy bacon fries. I know they're good, but you're better off not having them if you're not skipping foreplay.

3. Sugary Foods

chocolate, cream, berry, blackberry, cake
Dara Ades

When I say sugar, I'm not saying not to have a slice of cheesecake or brownie before you give head. I'm saying don't have whipped cream or frosting in your mouth right before you go down on your partner. In a warm, damp environment sugar can cause yeast and other bacteria to grow.

This (obviously) means if you're a girl you could get a yeast infection if your guy doesn't wrap it before he taps it. So sexy. Not. Yeast infections are terrible. Guys? You can get them too. So be careful about sugary items before giving head.

Overall, there's not really much that's off the table of foods you can eat before you give head. Except spicy food. You really don't want to do that, that would just suck.