Over the last couple of months, we’ve all seen a lot of new food trends pop up. From whipped instant coffee to sourdough starters, I’ve tried them all. Not everything was as picturesque as it was on Instagram, #fail. But now, Daily Harvest is teaming up with some celebs who are as serious about cooking as we are sick of the latest TikTok food trend—I'm looking at you, tiny pancake cereal. With celebrities from Action Bronson, Tabitha Brown, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kira Stokes, and Chloe Fineman, Daily Harvest is cooking up some epic content with these special guests.

Today, Daily Harvest dropped an exclusive curated list of all the favorite meals, snacks, and delicious treats that are loved by their list of special guests. Find out what nutrient-rich and delicious meals these celebs were relying on during quarantine. Because, in the wise words of Action Bronson "eating nourishing, clean food can be f*cking delicious and easy."