Real talk: I have a lot of strengths but meal prepping and planning is not one of them. I’ve always been interested in at-home delivery meal services but for me, the word delivery is often associated with pizza or Chinese food or avocado toast—don’t judge me. I really didn’t know what to try or where to start. Plus, I am seriously lacking in that whole “health food” lifestyle thing. Again, don’t judge me. Well, all of this changed when I tried out Daily Harvest.

How It Works

On Daily Harvest’s website, you can choose how many items you want—9, 12, or 24— and how often you want them delivered—weekly or monthly. Then you can choose which of the chef-crafted foods you want to appear in your box. The timing is something that I really loved about Daily Harvest; it’s so easy to skip a week, choose different foods, and/or add anything to your box. Honestly, it’s perfect for anyone that’s a smidge indecisive  (hi). And when your box arrives, pop everything in the freezer within 24 hours and keep it there until you’re ready to eat.  

Food Options

The website makes it so simple to find foods specific to your wants and needs. Keto? Check. Gluten-free? Check? You hate cucumbers? Check. Each menu item also shows the ingredients, nutrition, and preparation instructions. There’s a wide variety of food, so you’ll never be left bored (in the house, because you’re in the house, bored) with nothing to eat. I’m not even just talking about ingredients, but they have a ton of types of food you can choose from. From harvest bowls and smoothies to flatbreads and chia bowls, the hardest part is narrowing down what you want to try in your box for the week.

When my first box arrived on my doorstep, I was greeted by 12 delicious meals and snacks all nicely packed into the box. Preparing and making these meals were so simple. Some of the meals did require blending during preparation, so make sure you look at the instructions before ordering. Also, side note: the box came with little fruit and veggie stickers and even a bingo sheet to mark off as I ate my meals! It's the small things.


Honestly, this was what I was most nervous about. The other meal delivery services I’ve seen always got me with the $40 off your first order then during the second order, the bill double in size. Daily Harvest is not like that. They’re really upfront with prices and it’s just like going to the grocery store, without going to the grocery store. For example, pricing starts at $7.99 for smoothies and soups (and gradually goes down as you increase the number of items per box) which is less than I’d pay at Panera or the store for the ingredients.

Final Thoughts

The meals are delicious—my personal favorite is the butternut squash and rosemary soup—and they're all simple AF to make. It’s also the easiest and most enjoyable way I’ve found to eat food that’s actually good for you. Before trying Daily Harvest I didn’t think it was possible to have healthy meals that are quick and convenient. Every meal was individually packaged in their own bowl or cup and made of 100% compostable and recyclable packaging. Love that. No matter what your day looks like you can take Daily Harvest with you, even if that’s just to the couch.