There are Vodka Soda people and there are Gin & Tonic people. If you're the latter, good news lies ahead. Sainsbury's, a grocery store in the UK, is now turning the classic cocktail into an icy treat.

Photo courtesy of Sainsbury's

According to Prima, Gin & Tonic Sorbet comes "with a twist of lime" and in fact does contain alcohol, not just some bs flavoring. However, it's not a lot of alc—it has an ABV of 2.1 percent. 

Last month, the supermarket also launched boozy popsicles in Gin & Tonic and Raspberry Bellini flavors, but those have an ABV of 4.5 percent. 

Leave it to the Brits to invent a badass gin-filled sorbet. They are the OG makers of gin and the genius minds behind pink gin, so it only makes sense they'd turn the classic cocktail into a commercially sold sweet treat. Gin & Tonic Sorbet is now available in Sainsbury's grocery stores in the UK, but unfortunately, the sorbet won't be making its way to the US. Add it to the list of food experiences Americans will have to collect on a trip across the pond.