Over the past two years, gin has gained popularity faster than fidget spinners or that weird evil kermit meme that once took over your Facebook feed. Gin is no longer just your grandma's drink; gin parties, ginvent calendars, pink gins, and even gin spas are on the rise, and people can't get enough. Heck, even Jennifer Lawrence revealed that her favorite alcohol is gin

According to the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), British gin exports broke the £1 billion sales mark in the UK for the first time in history (that's around $1.3 billion in the US) in 2016. That’s partially thanks to the American demand for British gin. The US is the world’s biggest importer of UK gin and imported £184m (again, around $2.5 m) of the liquor last year, which was up about $1.6 m from the year before. And the demand keeps on growing. Looks like it's not only the Brits that love a good blackberry gin fizz in the summer.

The best part about the rise of gin is that experts estimate that gin sales soared due to — wait for it — "Downton Abbey." That's right. Watching Maggie Smith sip gin on Sundays inspired American viewers everywhere to rush out and buy a bottle of Bombay. Other popular films and television programs such as "James Bond" and "The Great British Bake-Off" also helped to boost sales. Who knew that Mary Berry getting excited over a gin and tonic drizzle cake would inspire a whole nation?

Of course, the worst part is that Americans are actually missing out on a lot of great British novelty gins the craze has inspired. In the UK, you can buy everything from tea-flavored gin to gin that tastes like Christmas pudding (someone buy this for me ASAP, please). But in my totally unbiased millennial opinion, the best gin is pink gin. Rose gold everything, am I right? Here is a list of pink gins we wish were available in the US. (UK drinkers, you should snag these ASAP.)

1. Edinburgh Gin's Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur

Edinburgh Gin is inspired by the rich history of producing gin in Scotland's capital city. The distillery has a range of pink gins (e.g. Raspberry, Plum & Vanilla, Valentine's Gin) but this Rhubarb & Ginger is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

You can snag it in the UK on the brand's site for £18.50, or for $29.99 at ShopWineDirect.com.  

2. Edgerton Pink Gin

Edgerton is an award-winning distillery in London that created the world's first pink gin. The gin is created using a unique blend of 15 botanicals from around the world, including juniper berries, sweet orange peel, and liquorice root.

Brits, you can buy it on Amazon for £25. Sorry, Americans — this one isn't available in the USA yet.

3. Beefeater Pink Gin

Beefeater London is one of the best known distilleries, and it's easy to see why — their gin is unbelievable (and so pretty, just look!). This summer, try Beefeater's new pink gin, which features sweet strawberries, juniper, and citrus notes of lemon and orange.

Right now, it's only in the UK. You can find it at Tesco for £16.50.

4. Musgrave Pink Gin

Musgrave is an artisan gin inspired by African flavors, such as cardamom and ginger. Musgrave's pink gin is slightly less spicy than the OG, and the beautiful color comes from the rosewater and rosehip in the gin.

The gin is currently sold out like, everywhere, but my fingers are crossed that it comes back in stock soon.

5. Pinkster Gin

Pinkster is a Cambridge-based gin created by an accountant named Stephen. Yes, that's right — this amazing gin filled with plump raspberries and eight botanicals was spearheaded by your average British man.

Try it for yourself in the UK by buying it on Pinkster's site for £35.  

6. Grenall's Wild Berry Gin

Greenall's is the oldest British distiller, and they haven't changed their original recipe since 1761 because it's just that good. Their pink gin features English blackberries, juniper, and warming spices.

You can buy it in the UK at Tesco for £12. Students, take note — this is the most budget-friendly pink gin.

7. Burleighs Pink Gin

Burleighs is an artisan distillery nestled in the middle of an English forest. Their pink gin is inspired by flavors from Tokyo, including Japanese cherry blossom, hibiscus, and grapefruit.

You can buy it on Amazon for £42.50 in the UK, or for around $49 on Whiskey Exchange in the US.

8. Copeland Gin

Copeland is a handcrafted gin made in small batches in Saintfield, County Down (that's in Ireland, FYI). The company was started as a university project in 2015, and it now offers two artisan pink gins: raspberry and mint, and rhuberry.

You can buy a bottle in the UK for £32.50.

9. Manchester Raspberry Infused Gin

Manchester Gin is an award-winning distillery run by a couple that wanted to create a gin that reflects the hard-working, industrial nature of Manchester (hence the "worker bee" as their logo). This raspberry infused gin is slightly sweet, with notes of juniper and citrus.

You can buy it in the UK for £38.00.

10. Eden Mill Love Gin

Eden Mill is a Scottish distillery located just outside of St. Andrews, making it a popular destination for St. Andrews students to tour. (Did I mention that you get four cocktails on the tour for only £10? Yes, please). The Love Gin is a blend of local botanicals, vanilla and exotic fruit.

You can buy it on their site in the UK and most of Europe for £30.

11. Slingsby Rhubarb Gin

Just like this photo, Slingsby Gin is unbelievably British. This Yorkshire distillery prides itself on its long history of using fresh, quality ingredients. The rhubarb gin is filled with goodies like local rhubarb, Harrogate spring water, and a touch of grapefruit.

You can buy it on the brand's site in the UK for £39.99.

OK, so drinking pink gin might be incredibly #basic, and arguably difficult if you're in the US. But if you're in the UK, it's time to own up to being basic. This summer, pick your favorite pink gin from this list, buy yourself one of those donut pool floaties, and enjoy a gin cocktail while lounging poolside. You know that your Insta followers will be secretly jealous.