It's November. The time of the year when the leaves are the perfect shades of gold and red, and a photo taken just about anywhere results in an aesthetically pleasing image that requires no editing. Personally, this kind of scenery fosters a home-sick sentiment, especially as the holiday season draws near. Thus, I've decided to get into a cozy, homey spirit and re-watch my all-time favorite show: Gilmore Girls.

As coffee has such an important presence throughout the series, what better way to commemorate my third-time binge-watch than comparing these characters to coffee flavors?

Lorelai Gilmore: Black Coffee

Can we just agree that Lorelai is every Gilmore Girls fan's favorite coffee addict? Admit it, we’ve all been jealous of her fast-paced witty comments and perpetually high energy levels. My guess is that she is constantly fueled by caffeine. Her capacity for coffee intake is beyond impressive, and probably should not be emulated — well, unless you’re a Gilmore. In that case, drink away.

As a full-time coffee connoisseur, Lorelai appreciates coffee in its simplest form. She drinks her coffee straight out of the carafe at Luke’s. I'm guessing that for her, sugar and milk are merely distractions preventing her from relishing the fullest flavor of every sip. So, to channel your inner Lorelai, drink your coffee in it's purest, rawest form. 

Rebecca Qiu

Rory Gilmore: Latte

Like mother, like daughter. Rory inherits her mother’s taste for coffee in its most basic form. I mean, is there anyone else who can match Lorelai’s high energy and follow it up with all those equally sharp remarks?

However, Rory is often calmer and less impulsive. This may be because she generally has a little less caffeine in her system. So if we dare venture a guess at what coffee variation best suits her, it would probably have to be a latte — espresso with just enough milk to tone down the bitterness, yet still a strong enough cup to enjoy coffee's iconic flavor.

Rebecca Qiu

Paris Geller: Espresso

We all know a Paris: always working, constantly high-strung. Even though we all laugh and swear to ourselves that we will never be her, deep down at 1am as we struggle to cram for that 9am exam, we're secretly jealous of her productive energy and ability to plan ahead. We know too well that Paris would never let herself get to this sorry state…

Paris is busy. With all the things she does with her extra-curricular activities and her double degree in medicine and law, we wonder how she finds time for anything else. But that doesn’t mean she won’t have time for coffee. If I were to find a type of coffee that fits Paris the best, it must be an espresso — quick, flavorful and effective.

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Sookie St. James: Honey Bourbon Latte

Ah, Sookie — our favorite chef! As a loyal foodie, my mouth waters every time she creates a new dish. Her passion for cooking and determination to create innovative dishes are unparalleled. From the peach sauce that she is so resolved to perfect (even if it means destroying the kitchen) to her devastation at receiving blueberries instead of strawberries, we admire her commitment to perfection.

Sookie’s favorite coffee can be no other than a flavorful Honey Bourbon Latte (non-alcoholic, of course). This more creative version of a regular latte rids itself of the slightly artificial taste and occasionally overwhelming sweetness. Instead, we are presented with a perfect balance between the soothing scent of cinnamon and the slight bitterness of the coffee, without compromising one or the other.

Rebecca Qiu

Dean Forester: Mocha

The new boy in town, Rory’s first love. For at least the first season of the show, all of us were enamored by him, his slightly shy - yet terribly sweet and thoughtful - demeanor.

Ever since his first meeting with Rory, when he told her how much he had longed to meet her, Dean stole our hearts. Whether you want to admit or not, he is the 2000s symbol of the modern-day Romeo Capulet.

For someone like him, the usual bitterness of the coffee that we coffee lovers have grown to love just won’t do. What Dean needs is a mocha — the perfect combination of coffee and cocoa, balanced to make you feel warm and Christmas-y all year round.

Rebecca Qiu

Jess Mariano: Irish Coffee

Jess is the 'difficult one,' the typical bad boy. Not a man of many words, he was initially not particularly likeable. At the same time, we see the other side of him, the lonely artist yearning for understanding. Indeed, he’s the opposite of Dean's sweetness, yet we couldn’t help but eventually fall for him anyways.

I struggled with Jess’s coffee preference. To be fair, we never knew too much about him behind that mysterious facade. Mocha? Too sweet to be Jess. Latte? Too mild. Black coffee? Too ordinary. The only beverage that could match Jess's charming edginess is Irish Coffee (non-alcoholic). A mix of black coffee, sugar, whipped cream, and rum extract, it is the perfect combination of ingredients that gives the drink a unique layered flavor.

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Logan Huntzberger: Nitro Cold Brew

Ah, Logan. Rory's longest-lasting boyfriend, and always here to save the day. He was the one to push Rory to get out of her comfort zone and to save Luke from embarrassment when he forgot to bring Lorelai a Valentine's Day present by giving Luke part of his present to Rory. He even flew all the way to Stars Hollow just to cheer Rory up when she needed it most. Well, maybe he wasn't as great in the revival as he was in the original series, but, for now, let's just focus on his good side.

Logan is adventurous, caring, and innovative. In some ways, we can see a bit of both Dean and Jess in him. And it seems that he loves Rory even more than the former two. Perhaps the only coffee to my knowledge that can convey his amazingness is nitro cold brew. With its full flavor, silky texture, and lower acidity than hot-brewed coffee, it is more moderate than Lorelai's black coffee yet just as strong in flavor — a description fitting for Logan's adventurous character.

Luke Danes: Matcha Latte

Luke is the first character we see (even before Rory), and undoubtedly a major reason why we love the show. He acts as if he’s constantly annoyed yet we see his doting side in almost every episode of the series. 

We see him taking Jess in without any complaint, and sticks by him no matter how much trouble he causes. We see him taking care of Kirk despite his eccentricities, and even disrupting his sweet moment with Lorelai to do so. We even see him secretly shedding a tear at Rory's graduation. Now, as much as coffee is well loved by almost everyone in the show, coffee for Luke? Probably not. In this case, we have with us a pretty obvious answer to what drink characterizes him: a matcha latte

Rebecca Qiu

A warm cuppa and your favorite Gilmore Girls episodes are the perfect recipe for a chill Fall day in. Take your pick, and indulge in yummy sips and endless laughs. As I take off to get my own daily morning coffee dose, I'll leave you with the historical debate — Team Dean, Jess, or Logan?