GHOST Lifestyle is known for their heavy-hitting products; I'm talking energy drinks, pre-workout, and more. What makes their products one of the best on the market (in my humble opinion) are their authentic flavor collabs. Well, they had cookie lovers in mind with this latest collab: GHOST has teamed up with OREO for their new protein powder. The best part? It has real cookie pieces in it.

Previously we’ve seen GHOST x Chips Ahoy and GHOST x Nutter Butter, so a GHOST and OREO collab only made sense. There really is no better combo than milk and cookies, so what better collab than with “milk's favorite cookie?”

The new GHOST x OREO protein drops on the GHOST App on Wednesday, July 7 at 12 p.m. CT! You can download the GHOST app for iOS and Android from their respective app stores. At this time, there is no word as to if the GHOST x OREO protein will release on the GHOST website as well.