GHOST the supplement company known for its crazy collabs and epic products is now breaking into the energy drink realm. After teasing the ready-to-drink (RTD) cans all over social media for the past couple of months, GHOST has announced the four flavors of energy drinks that will be launching later this month. GHOST has finally unveiled its fourth and final flavor to start, and it’s none other than Sour Patch Kids Redberry.

Along with Sour Patch Kids Redberry, there will also be a Warheads Sour Watermelon flavor. It’s no surprise that GHOST is already teaming up with candy brands we love for their latest product. They’ve given us so many insane flavor collaborations in the past that I still can’t get enough of. But GHOST Energy is also dropping a couple of new flavor profiles specifically for their new drinks. GHOST has also teased Citrus, and Tropical Mango flavors to pair alongside the two collaborative flavors.

Besides the authentic flavor collaborations with real candy brands, GHOST Energy is different from other canned energy drinks in some other ways. Like with all GHOST products, you get the GHOST Full Disclosure Label that lists all of the ingredients and nutrition information. Each can of GHOST energy has a respectable 200mg of caffeine, contains 100% of 7 daily B vitamins, to provide you with all day energy and focus. Bonus: there’s zero sugars and no artificial colors. And as always, use code "SPOON" at checkout and receive 20% sitewide. You're welcome, Spooniverse.