Fall is less than a month away. I know, crazy right? Well, if you're looking to get into the autumn spirit a bit early, Stok has you covered with their new limited-edition Pumpkin Cold Brew Coffee. Whether you are having trouble getting up for that early morning class or virtual Zoom meeting, usually all you need is some coffee! Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about this seasonal flavor. 

Stok's Pumpkin Cold Brew Coffee

Photo courtesy of STōK Cold Brew

Coffee is the key to the heart of many. Add pumpkin flavor to that and it's a game changer. To end summer and kick-off fall on a festive foot, Stok has released a new limited-edition Pumpkin Cold Brew Coffee. Made with quality coffee first and a toasty, signature spice blend, this pumpkin spice flavor is cozy and refreshing. 

Tom Segura's 'Pumpkin Season Manifesto' 

Photo courtesy of STōK Cold Brew

To kick off the launch of the Pumpkin Cold Brew, Stok partnered with comedian Tom Segura to reimagine a coffee tumbler.  The tumblr has a hysterical and honest pumpkin season “manifesto,” written by Tom for pumpkin fans with an edge.

The fun didn't stop there, STōK gave away a limited number of these custom tumblers for free to some die-hard fans. 

Where To Find Stok's Pumpkin Cold Brew

Photo courtesy of STōK Cold Brew

Looking to get your hands on this limited-edition Pumpkin Cold Brew? Starting this month, the brew is available at grocery stores and retailers nationwide for a limited time. 

Make sure to get yours before they're gone!