Yesterday, Spoon's Bryant chapter E-board had our first meeting of the year at the Beav. We've organized some really cool events (and articles) that we would like to share with you and to kick off the year right.

We hope you can make it, xo!

Karaoke at the Thirsty Beaver

Thursday 9/29 

nachos, guacamole, salsa, cheese, chips, sauce, chili
Alexa Parisi

This event is to support our “partner” the Thirsty Beav and to support the club hockey team here at Bryant. Besides, who doesn’t want to sing songs with their favorite foodies.

There’s a reason why we voted the Thirsty Beaver to be one of the best places around campus. FYI this is a all-age event and the singing will begin at 9 pm. So, even if you can’t get drunk with your friends, you can still enjoy a good time. 

Apple Picking with Spoon

Friday 10/7 

apple, pasture, juice
Meredith Ross

The Spoon team is planning to go apple picking at Jaswell’s Farm in Smithfield. Jaswell’s is a beautiful local farm that specializes in making delicious apple pies, cider and so much more.

We can even help you figure out how to pick the best apple. Join us at 3:30 pm for an afternoon filled with fun and great Insta pics. And if you need a ride, don't hesitate to reach out to our president Alexa Parisi (at for information about our carpool list.

Partnering with Organizations 

beer, cake, kettle, tea
Jessica Heckman

We are also planning to partner with organizations on campus such as H.E.A.L. (health education awareness leaders). So, if you're looking for healthy recipes or want to know the best things you should be eating, we’ve got you covered. Also, we plan to make some crazy cool videos with HerCampus this year to bring you some fresh videos.  

Another thing to look out for are new articles, like how to incorporate mac and cheese into every meal and some pretty cool restaurant reviews from our writers' hometowns. We've got writers from countries across the globe and local writers from Bryant's backyard, so we have something to offer every type of food lover and/or health nut.

beer, coffee, tea, pizza
Haley Rudin

We’re looking for new creatives to help Bryant Spoon grow, If you’re interested in joining our Spoon team, reach out to Caitie Veech at