As busy college students, who has the time to monitor what we're consuming in the dining halls? A lot of the time, the quickest food isn't healthy, and the healthy food is neither tasty nor filling. Snap Kitchen is trying to change that. They're currently offering a wide variety on campus of healthy, affordable, meals that are ready to go. All you have to do is pick one up and heat it up, so easy. Because I'm always struggling to be more health conscience, I decided to try some of the new meals and get healthy with SMU dining's Snap Kitchen.

1. Bison Quinoa Hash

The Bison Quinoa Hash is the perfect way to kick start your love for Snap. It's filling, has a ton of flavor, and leaves a subtle spice lingering in your mouth. Not only that, but it's packed with nutritious vegetables. I always struggle with forcing myself to eat veggies, but with this dish, I don't feel like I'm eating vegetables because they taste so great.

2. Grass Fed Beef Lasagna

I've never been the biggest fan of lasagna, but this one I genuinely liked. The noodles layered with the grass fed beef paired together extremely well, and were complimented perfectly with a juicy, delicious tomato sauce. Grass fed beef is hard to find on campus and is something I love. So, if you need your fix, pick up this meal.

3. Spicy Dan-Dan Noodles

First and foremost, I'm a meat lover. As a result, I was a little skeptical trying out a vegan dish. However, I'm not kidding when I say that this was one of my favorite meals. It's spicy, but not too spicy whereas you need to have water standing by. It's extremely flavorful, satisfying, and a perfect option for vegans and non-vegans alike.

4. Hot Chicken with Fusilli and Cheese

If you know anything about me, you know how much I love mac and cheese. So, I was definitely satisfied to have healthy, yet flavorful pasta so readily available. On top of that, the chicken tasted fresh, tender, and juicy while leaving the perfect heat in your mouth.

5. Chicken with Teriyaki Rice

If you're looking to feel super healthy, try this dish. The portion is more than enough, and will leave you full for hours, which is a major plus when you don't have time to make it to the dining hall. There are tons of veggies, and amazing white meat chicken. The real perk of this dish is the teriyaki sauce. It coats the chicken and rice perfectly and is tangy with a little bit of spice. 

Snap Kitchen really has something for everyone. From vegans to meat lovers, and health nuts to average joe's, there is a choice for anyone to enjoy. Meals that are both healthy, quick, and easy? It's really a win-win. When you're tired of regular dining hall food, splurge on Snap Kitchen. Pick up a meal and see for yourself today.