As an avid caffeine consumer, I typically lean toward a cup of coffee in the morning, but I was excited to experiment with Gatorade’s energy drinks. Naturally, I’m a high-energy student and Zumba instructor, so I was ready to go through my week with an extra, Fast Twitch.

Reagan Street

At first glance, like many fan favorites, this energy drink packs a punch with 200 milligrams of caffeine per serving. So what makes Fast Twitch different from other energy drinks? Holding true to Gatorade’s brand, Fast Twitch contains electrolytes to help rehydrate during a workout.

I usually am not a huge fan of energy drinks, but after trying all six flavors, I might just be hooked. They have similar flavors to the normal Thirst Quencher Gatorade like Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, and Cool Blue, and a similar electrolyte composition as the OG Gatorade with comparable sodium and potassium. In addition to caffeine, it contains the daily value of B vitamins, is sugar-free, and is only 10 calories per serving. 

Cool Blue

I started off strong, drinking Cool Blue (my favorite Gatorade flavor) during my midday lull before my evening class and after my Tuesday workout. It was definitely love at first sip. This flavor smelled great and tasted even better. The best part? It didn’t leave my mouth dry like other energy drinks.

Reagan Street

Strawberry Lemonade

Wednesday rolled around, and I was ready to put Fast Twitch to the test. It’s my busiest day and the day that I also teach Zumba. Cool Blue still remains my favorite flavor, but the energy I had during class was unreal. I truly felt every milligram of caffeine but without a terrible crash afterward. 


Thursday came, and I was ready to drink my next flavor. This flavor not only helped me get through teaching Zumba but once again felt like I was literally in the zone. This time I drank it 10 minutes before teaching an hour-long dance, and my students noticed my visible energy increase. 

Reagan Street

Strawberry Watermelon

The next day was my personal workout day, so I opted to go to Hotworx, a gym with infrared saunas, to do a Bonfire workout. At Hotworx, a bonfire session includes a combination of a 15-minute HIIT workout (I chose cycling) and then immediately switching to an isometric sauna for a 30-minute workout. What’s fun (yet tricky) with Hotworx is that you do your typical workout in a sauna. I was nervous to drink this flavor, knowing the dehydration effect of most energy drinks, and consciously putting myself into a sauna. Making sure I drank adequate water, I went for it for the sake of science. I was thrilled by the taste and grateful to feel completely fine after my hour workout. I typically feel exhausted after that day’s workout, but I still had the energy to jump into an extremely productive day.

Glacier Breeze

I decided to share this flavor with my boyfriend to take a break from back-to-back caffeine. A man of a minimum of words stated, “It was good.” He drank this flavor before his nightly Jiu-Jitsu workout. After a miniature interview, he revealed how he felt super-focused. There was a gradual rise in energy rather than a sudden burst. He agreed that there wasn’t a huge drop in energy like other energy drinks.

Reagan Street

Tropical Mango

My last flavor was Tropical Mango, and it was a great flavor to end with. The subtle hints of Mango made it easy to finish in no time. Unsurprisingly, this flavor had me charged up for the day and was a great add-in to my at-home workout for the day.  

Final Thoughts

After trying all six flavors, my favorite flavors are Cool Blue and Tropical Mango. Although I’m not sure I personally will continue to drink energy drinks, I am heavily considering using them occasionally as a pre-workout and would definitely recommend them for gym-goers and workout enthusiasts. Compared to regular Gatorade, it has less sugar, and in some flavors, you can tell, but the flavorings tended to mask any after-taste. I definitely will be drinking Energy Twitch from Gatorade again for these reasons:

       Increased energy during a workout (without the crash)

       No dry mouth feeling

       Overall increased focus (without feeling jittery)

Ladies and gentlemen, Gatorade has done it again. Keep an eye out for Fast Twitch on your grocery shelves. It will be widely available in 2023.