Wine lovers everywhere are going crazy. Every time I need to choose a wine for the night (so, every night), I'm presented with the debate of red wine vs. white wine. Most times, I opt for the white because I can't face the world with wine-stained teeth from red wine. After money spent on Crest White Strips, I just hate sacrificing my pearly whites to the inevitable dark stains. This wine gadget has officially changed the game.

The Gadget

The wine and bar accessory company Oenophilia has just solved all of your problems. The Wino Slipper is a wine glass shaped like a pipe with a long stem straw that allows you to sip your wine without getting any on your teeth. Genius. It also features a sturdy three-point base to prevent spilling. Could this get any better?

Like, I guess one could say "why not just use a straw?" But no classy individual has ever just stuck a plastic straw into their wine glass. Your friends will judge you and I will judge you. 

Get It Now

The product is being sold on the Oenophilia website or at for $24 for a set of two. Perfect for a date night, movie/wine night with your bestie, or just balling out at family dinner. Getting secretly drunk is way faster and easier through a straw, so now you can approach the inevitable awkward conversations at family parties with a nice wine buzz in a fast and easy way.

I'm so excited to get this gift for every single one of my friends to turn our wine nights into a truly new experience. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on this product and get to the website before it's sold out. Because I'm telling you right now, this product is going to revolutionize the way you drink wine.